The crew commander Crew Dragon Doug Hurley hit his head during the transition to the ISS, but feels good, said the American space Agency NASA.

Clarifies that Hurley struck his forehead. The Deputy head of the manned program, NASA’s Steve Stich said that such small incidents are the absolute norm when adapting to the conditions of the International space station after an extended stay in a relatively small ship, RIA Novosti reported.

Yes, he hit his head, it happens in orbit, but he’s fine, he looked great at the press conference, said Stich.

During a communication session with the ISS it was evident that Hurley’s holding his head and occasionally rubbing his forehead with a napkin.

Wrote earlier, arrived on the ship Dragon Crew, astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken should as soon as possible to join the ISS crew. This was announced by the commander of the 63rd of the International space station crew, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy.