the issue of changing pedagogical education in Russia is long overdue and overdue, and the terrible agony of our teachers forced transition to distance education in pandemic coronavirus confirms that fact. Flexible curriculum, abundant supervised practice and mastery of modern technology – that new approaches to teacher preparation proposed by the experts in anticipation of the Pedagogical educational forum “Pedobrazovanie in conditions of systemic transformation of contemporary society”.

Our teachers are now everywhere praise for the dedication shown during the period of distance learning. And praise fair. But in addition to the indisputable advantages of Russian teachers, the remote control has also highlighted the shortcomings in the system of their training. Inability to engage in distance learning and the lack of competentcy in the field of information and communication technologies; the inability to direct and control the life of the school online, and to utilize modern technology; ignorance of health online technologies and ineffective assessment of learning outcomes – this is not a complete list of problems which, as history has shown with the pandemic and the subsequent transition to distant in our country, it is urgent to solve it.

However, to do this, the necessary modernization of the domestic pedagogical education. The authorities yet instead moved the hardware tested by: transferred all pedagogical universities from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of education in the conduct of Minproma. However, according to the rector of the Moscow pedagogical state University Aleksey Lubkov, it “connects the common principles and methodology of teaching pupils and teachers.” And the rector, probably, right, because future teachers on personal experience will experience now what then will teach themselves. Not very I would not like to this “rocktronica” reform of teacher training, before rumors started, and ended.

the Russian system of teacher training has long been in need of updates. It’s about time, for example, equip future teachers with the ability to build relationships with parents in terms of superpopulyarnymi family education, said Lubkov. Or teach them the methods of working with children in medical rehabilitation — the so-called hospital of pedagogy, whose role in the society of the XXI century is, alas, only grow.

At the same time the modern teacher must be not only a subject teacher but also a psychologist and tutor. This means. that change must not only set courses but also the very system of education in pedagogical universities.

So, the unprecedented pace of change in modern life require increased flexibility of educational programs, because you otherwise they besnateOfP will lag behind the needs of life. And, therefore, theoretical courses that stretch for a few semesters and so popular in the Russian higher education system, hopelessly outdated! Them in whatever way was necessary if not completely change, then at least to combine short programs are at the forefront of modern science. And at the same time — dramatically change the balance of theoretical and practical components of teacher training in favor of the latter, no doubt, the head of the project “Learn-Know” Sergey Sharikov.

However, in this respect, there is progress. Opening pedagogical forum, announced the creation of a pool of underlying schools at pedagogical universities, which will host the practice of their students. In the same way, starting with the 3rd year students the-job learning will be able to work this right, including the holding of regular lessons, extra lessons and educational activities gave them the recently adopted law. In the end, everyone will win. Students after graduation, will come to school teachers with experience. And the country is at least partially make up for the shortage of teachers especially increased in recent years.