Before the new school year another 2.5 months. The less already parents acutely concerned with the question whether the Russian school on 1 September to return to normal training. Many adults still can’t get over from the spring Moodle and are already preparing for the worst. Officials only add fuel to the fire, scaring the second wave of coronavirus and unrealistic requirements to organization of educational process in “pochkovidnye period.” One of the deputies of the state Duma and have offered to shift the start of the school year… in October We found out what is expected and feared by parents and teachers in the new academic year.

– distance learning this spring caught our family by surprise and turned life into an endless hassle, says Margaret, the mother of two sons-schoolboys. My sons study in the 3rd and 6th grade, and if the elder somehow coped with remote study itself, the Junior was nothing I could do without my help. Personally, I suspect that the fall of the remote control is not over, still a lot of cases, but also predict a second wave. The CPS proposes to divide the classes into subgroups in order to minimize crowding of the children, and teach them separately, but it’s just not feasible. As a result all will be reduced to blended learning, when one of the children studying in class and another at home, and Vice versa. In the best case. The first problem with the remote control for us was the lack of computers. We only had two laptops, four people, husband also transferred to remote work. On child benefit, paid in June, we acquired another simple laptop, at least now no fighting on this occasion. Now, overcoming the tears and king tut, trying to teach the younger to independently perform their tasks, to work with the textbook. During udalenka hardest had mothers of elementary school students, many children were just not accustomed to operate normally by themselves, without constant monitoring of teachers and parents.

non-working mothers are seriously thinking about transferring children to home schooling, in the case that distance learning will continue in the fall. According to the parents, study on remote adults creates a lot more problems than an independent study program.

My son has passed in 6 class, to learn he does not like, – Natalia explains. – 2.5 months of remote training of the child, of course, completely out of hand. The whole day we were leaving only to perform all the tasks teachers asked many unrealistic even for a weekend. This is now in the mind of the son for the 4th quarter, in fact, a white sheet. If all of this will continue in the fall, I’m going to pick up my kid from school. In home schooling, we can at a relaxed pace to take the material and then just go to the intermediateaccurate certification. Nobody will frighten twos and hurry with the delivery of homework. As soon as the normal school will be restored, then, and go back to school.

teachers hope that in September will be able to return to normal operation, but do not rule out any development.

“of Course, accurate information about study in September not now owns one, all will be decided in the last 2 weeks. But the school administration has already warned us that the vacation should not relax, but to prepare the material in case of full or partial udalenkie. All this of course we do. The only question is whether officials this summer to deal with the real improvement of the educational platform through which the distance learning.

when in September they will work with the same failures as in the spring, this training will remain a nightmare for everyone. After all, the main forces teachers are not spent on gathering the materials and trying to load them into the system almost every day it had to do 2-3 hours a night. Then it all had to be duplicated to a third-party resource, as the day the disciples simply could not start the job because of the constant failures in the system,” explains primary school teacher Helen mountain.

meanwhile. In many Russian universities is already in full swing preparing for a possible continuation of distance education in the new academic year. The Board of Directors Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova warned the heads of higher educational institutions about the likelihood of such a development. It is not excluded that in the fall teachers will have to combine full-time and remote learning. In particular, distance can conduct lectures, which usually present a lot of people.

the Rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov has officially stated that currently the University actively rebuilds the education system to “pochkovidnye” period. “We are thinking how to build our lives in the future, as we do not give firm guarantees that we will be able once again to gather students in large classrooms, I think about the possibility of blended learning. It will assume the presence of the students in the Institute, some students will be engaged in the same programs, but on “distance”, in particular foreign students, many of whom can’t come from any kind of security reasons. Going to build this hybrid work with students so that they preserve the feeling of joint work”, – said the rector.