the Minister of tourism and sports of Thailand Piphat Ratchadaporn (Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn) announced that after the lifting of restrictions due to pandemic coronavirus, the country will focus on wealthy tourists. The visit of poor travellers is not included in the concept of “state Protocol”, reports Bloomberg.

Thai authorities have explained that the preference will be given to travelers who book four – and five-star hotels on the Islands of Phuket, Samui, Phangan and Phi Phi. The government expects that in the upcoming season, which peaks from November to February, it will come to just ten million tourists, a quarter of the number resting in 2019.

the Minister stressed that the reduction in tourist traffic will help to recover the environment and beaches. He recalled that during the period of quarantine on the sand-Bank back of a turtle, swam him to the manatees in the sea was spotted pink dolphins.

“If we do not seize this opportunity to get the greatest benefit for the industry, Thailand will lose. This is an opportunity to reboot the whole system of tourism”, — concluded Ratchadaporn.

the Islands of Thailand are under quarantine because of pandemic coronavirus until June 30. Then the Kingdom is going to open its borders to travelers from Australia, Japan, and also some provinces of China. Tourists, according to the Minister, will be obliged to provide a certificate from the absence of coronavirus. Flown must be within 14 days to stay on the selected island.

on 11 June in Thailand said that for the first three weeks have not detected a new infected COVID-19. It was about cases where the infection is transmitted from one resident to another: for recent cases of infection were reported only among those who returned from abroad — all these people abide by the quarantine.

According to 20 Jun, in Thailand revealed 3147 cases of infection with coronavirus. Reported 58 deaths.