There are several reasons why foreigners seek to marry Russian women, said on a Chinese portal Sohu one of the journalists. He stressed that Russian women your looks attracts foreigners and it is no less strange than stereotypes about love Russian vodka or bears as Pets. The journalist cited three reasons why the Chinese tend not to marry the Russians.

In the first place, because of problems with the cultural distance and differences in mentality. It is not only in language but also in the concept of marriage in Russia and China.

the Second reason is the passion of the Russians for the alcoholic beverages. “They like to drink, believing that in this way they release their “I” and exhibit true character,” said the author of the material. He also believes that Russian women make everything sloppy, not to delve into things and not put my soul in important matters.

the Third reason is the stereotype that Russian women after marriage sharply fattening. Got scared off from marrying Russian many Chinese. However, this stereotype is not true, the journalist notes.

the author Also believes that Russian girls are very beautiful, as indeed all the female representatives of the Eastern Slavs. But to choose a better wife in appearance and in character, he adds.

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