My student friend Vladimir Chesnokov told how in the mid-90s were in the group support the future state Duma Deputy in the province. Before arriving in a small provincial town column, “Gelandewagen” stopped on the roadside. Sleek the candidate off his cashmere coat, Italian brand suit, shoes made from Python and then the car changed into the other, the stockpiled closet — quilted sweatshirt, pants camouflage, treukhov mousy and tarpaulin boots. Like, way closer to the roots and spiritual scrapie.

He became a member, for many years has been on different senior positions. Special Lavrov, however, is not earned, but is still guiding the cage continues to pull burdens “public servants”. From the spiritual, his buckles were only round and plump… turnips.

this story is not fiction, allegory or libel on the bright image of the people’s guardian. On the contrary, do not call him by name only because I want to spare the nerves of the simple people who at the time, the sympathy of the visiting political barnstormer. Our MPs, candidates, senators, officials only need for a short time, down to earth, “caring” about ordinary people. Then on a private jet to fly to their villas and yachts, where quiet lapping of the sea it is easier to lose the stress of meeting a stranger to them, “hinterland”, to erase from memory unpleasant picture of General neglect and poverty.

the Social gap between the government and the people we have always had: that when Ivan the terrible, Nicholas II, Stalin and the list goes on. Neither for kings nor for emperors, nor for the Bolshevik or democratic leaders the welfare of the common man, frankly, not a priority. The state and its interests, all, and man almost nothing. However, the current stratification in the country, the gigantic wealth of some and the grinding poverty of others, even against this historical background look glaring.

the So-called Russian elite has no idea how things are outside the two capitals. How to survive millions of citizens of small towns and villages — the most humble part of the country, the inhabitants of the same province, the provinces, which supposedly cares about the elite.

In fact, they are all “terribly far from the people”, as said Lenin, alluding to the fact that the Bolsheviks will be much closer when it comes to power. Because they come from the masses.

But Lenin, becoming the master of the Kremlin, did not change the historical traditions, instilling the two with the wife at the 11-room apartment in the Senate Palace, with two lifts and a summer terrace for relaxing and walking.

in short, no matter what age, all occurs at about the same scenario. New elite break the power under slogans of protection inof interest of the people, and then isolated from the common man and his concerns, to focus on solving the “bigger” tasks. So they gradually detached from reality, cease to understand the lives of ordinary citizens.

And if someone will say that this is happening with high ranks around the world, I do not agree. Not so long ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in a regular store emigre London driving… bike. Knowing him, people came to shake hands and take a selfie. After finishing fellowship, Johnson unhooked the lock from the frame, sat on his Bicycle and drove off in a bourgeois Piccadilly.

Imagine in the same role Russian counterpart Johnson — though the present, at least any from the past — personally I can not, though burst! Although make one of them a walk among the street crowd, rent a bike and calling for bread in the shop, could most certainly learn many new and curious about life, and word of mouth. You see, this knowledge could have helped in the preparation of some important government decisions.

Ideology or system change, and the nature of power — never! Most of today’s problems — a consequence of the isolation and division. Here is not quite adequate reaction of the authorities to many internal events, challenges and aspirations.

Maybe it would all go on, if not for the sudden pandemic, falling as snow on the head, exposing all the drama and depth of Russia’s problems.

to be fair, the authorities promptly took the necessary and important measures to protect the population. In the short term redeveloped hospitals and clinics in the centers of struggle against coronavirus, provided protective equipment, which helped to avoid mass casualties. But the emergence of Vladimir Putin in the project, communication with the specialists of the medical center and doctors ‘ support became almost a balm for the soul — so not all bad!

However, millions of ordinary citizens, being in isolation, alone with his fear, fears, phobias, experienced total stress, from which hardly quickly and without consequences to get rid of. There are new and unfamiliar words: saturation, virulence the alveoli, from which now depends the life of their loved ones. In the literal sense. The pandemic caused in the minds of people tectonic shifts and psychological trauma. It seems that such confusion and absolute lack of understanding of what to do, how to escape, did not have people never possibly even in the years of the great Patriotic war, where the enemy was terrible, but understandable, and visible. Particularly had an elderly contingent that is initially determined in a hopeless “at risk”.

Deputies, Ministers, heads of regions, territories frankly skimping on excitement people. They had nothing to say or just don’t bother — it’s not the votertion campaign! Moreover, to rush somewhere, to spend money and risk their health. Much safer to pop up for a couple of days in the province on the “Gelandewagen”, throwing in the trunk of a sweatshirt with a fur hat and boots to seduce the electorate.

we have Not seen and should support the business community. None of the oligarch was not seen in volunteer activities or financial support from hospitals. None of them ran to withdraw money from the accounts to help the needy.

Every time I am convinced that it is not necessary to wait for the male, and just humane, human actions from our regulars “Forbes”. Even though they are tens of years get billions of dollars in the deluded province zagazhivaya nature for hundreds of miles, why the population is dying out.

we have Not heard the voices of representatives of official medicine, whose words would help people to calm down. As a result, the psychosis has reached such heights that even the doctors refused to come out to replace the entire staff. And you can understand them, for to risk the health and lives of friends and relatives for pennies few people want.

Pandemic and all events associated with it, caused a dissatisfaction and distrust of government. When half a century ago, the Moscow artist Alexey Kokorekin returning from India, fell ill with the smallpox, all of Moscow’s population (6 million people) for 19 days was fully vaccinated. And no one said why and what they are vaccinated! Because I was sure one hundred percent — everything is done for their health and welfare.

the Outbreak was contained, killing all three people. So Soviet medicine coped with the typhus, plague, tuberculosis, smallpox, polio and other epidemics with their own vaccines.

Today, one hint of the need for vaccinations cause most concern and protest. Perhaps fears are exaggerated and not unfounded. But people do not trust anyone. Too often they are deceived and continue to deceive.

In another way, they are not able to work. Maybe I would, but don’t know how!