Zuckerberg explained why Facebook didn’t delete the entry of the trump. The US President announced the intention to send to Minneapolis for soldiers of the national guard, if the mayor will not take control of the situation with the unrest in the territory.

“Our position is that we should allow as much self expression, unless it will cause immediate threat of harm or danger, which can be expressed in clear political terms. This record is a warning about the actions of the state, about which people should know” – with reference to the head company Facebook RIA Novosti reported.

Previously, Twitter has marked the message trump, as violating the rules of the company about the glorification of violence. Read the information, users could only click on a message to the site administration.

Explaining the policy of his company, Zuckerberg said that his social network will not use the warnings before records, because they just removed regardless of whether they are news or not.