Catherine covered with a wrapped, by his own story, refused to give the owners of the dog, twice finding her on the street in bad condition.

Catherine covered with a wrapped, great-niece of the famous Russian trainers, was accused of stealing the dog. The owners of the Samoyed wrote on the girl’s statement after she refused to return them to the pet due to maltreatment in the family.

People’s artist of Russia, the General Director of the Moscow circus Edgard Zapashny has given “Star” review in response to the incident.

He noted that the scandal that unfolded around the story, can be attributed to either excessive emotionality of the people, or their deliberate distrust of good works. The trainer said that the dog is not cared properly and take it was necessary.

“the Dog was actually thrown out on the street. With a purebred dog, that’s amazing. Usually, such dogs are more attentive than ordinary stray dogs, because this dog is worth the money,” said the artist.

Zapashny said that the case facing his niece is just an example of how people are “inherently bad about their own pet”.

“unfortunately, perhaps, hence such a large number of topauto in our country because of the animals and the consumer and disregard,” concluded the artist.

Edgard Zapashny said that he picked up 10-15 dogs, some of which are built in the circus. Found the animals were in poor condition.

He fully supported the actions of Catherine and she was surprised that her good deed see malice.

Itself covered with a wrapped, explained that he found the dog on the street at the end of April in poor condition, put in order and returned to the owners, the finder of the ad. The girl tried to redeem the dog, but she refused.

A few days later she picked up Samoyed in the same place, again dirty and hungry. Second time to transfer an animal she did not, fearing for its content. About this story she said in Instagram.