Dmitry Nagiyev is posted in instagram a provocative picture: the presenter is holding his arms up and stretched out at attention.

From clothes on it only short denim shorts and boots.

“a Minute is wonderful for those who did not die young. Good, gossip. If you like not – at least the cursor move.
(photo from the almanac Dmitry Nagiyev “tricks in sex, if you’re overweight”), he commented on his own photo.

And then in the microblog actor began zavarushku. Almost all ladies crumbled in compliments.

“the Man of my dreams”, “Fantastic form, of course”, “Admiring”.

Representatives of the stronger sex was merciless:

“Now it’s time to cry and not to humor. Very dry man”, “*** yourself drisch”, “Feet need to download ruining the picture.”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, a few years ago the media reported that Harvey may meet with a certain Anna Spector.

Spector lives in a cottage village knyazhye lake near Moscow and has a daughter from Nagiyev — eight-year-old World.

Publish from Dmitry Nagiyev (@nagiev.universal) 19 Jul 2020 at 5:24 PDT