One of the founders of Wimm-bill-Dann, businessman David Yakobashvili returned to Moscow "several days", according to RBC.

As stated by the businessman, with a criminal case, in which last year the searches were in his Museum, "Meeting" all right.

"can not Propagate, but it’s okay," he explained.

Recently Yakobashvili lived in Monaco and said that no plans to return to Russia until I deal with his case.

In June 2019, the FSB raided the Museum "Meeting" in the investigation of criminal case of fraud. It started on the complaint of the partner Yakobashvili to the business of Boris Minagi. According to RBC, Minagi Yakobashvili accused in an attempt of raider capture of the Yeysk port Elevator.

Yakobashvili is co — founder of Wimm-bill-Dann, which, together with partners sold by PepsiCo in 2011. Now the businessman is the owner of the company Petrocas. Forbes estimates his fortune at $ 750 million.