Residents and guests of the capital on December 9 and 10 are invited to celebrate the Day of Heroes of the Fatherland at VDNH and Gorky Park. Flash mobs, excursions, quests, lectures and other exciting events are waiting for visitors.

On the site in front of the arch of the main entrance of VDNH, a regional scale will be held, the participants of which will deploy a 300-meter St. George ribbon. The event will be held from 13:00 to 14:00.

A patriotic day is organized for visitors of the evening session at the VDNH skating rink. The program will be opened at 17:30, at which teachers-musicians of Moscow art schools will perform. They will perform well-known and beloved songs, including “My dear Muscovites”, “My Russia” and many others. The concert guests will hear virtuoso piano, saxophone, balalaika, accordion and electric accordion.

Then the guests of the rink will be invited to the flash mob “Hero’s Star”. Its participants will line up on the ice platform in the shape of a star — a symbol of heroism and courage.

The festive program will also be held in the Museum City of VDNH. At the Museum of Slavic writing “Slovo” at 17:00 there will be a free thematic. The guests will be told about the people who defended the country in different periods of the formation of the state, and those who contributed to its development and strengthening. You must register for the event.

At 19:00 in the center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” will be held. Visitors will learn about the life, frontline and space exploits of heroes-cosmonauts and test pilots. You can register for the lecture by following the link.

The Cinema Museum will show on December 10 at 14:00. The film directed by Alexander Alov and Vladimir Naumov has become a classic of cinema and is recognized as one of the best films about the war.

Young visitors of VDNKh were invited on December 9 to the interactive program in House of Culture. They will travel through the streets, squares, squares and alleys of Moscow, which are named after the heroes. Sessions will start at 17:00 and 19:00.

It will also be held at the mini-football grounds from 14:30 to 17:30.

A grand opening ceremony will take place on Leninskaya Square in Gorky Park on December 9 at 12:00. The exhibition will include memos-tables of 1916 dedicated to the St. George cavaliers — heroes of the First World War with a description of their exploits. A brass band will perform at the ceremony.

During the day, festive events will be organized for the guests of the park, a thematic playlist will be played on the alleys and in the arch of the main entrance. In the evening, in a transparent studio at the Media Room skating rink, which will include a dance warm-up and a quiz. Children and families of servicemen were invited to the events.

They also organize a series on different eras of Gorky Park “Snow Commotion” with tests, practical jokes, puzzles and children’s riddles.