Energy offers at the time of the pandemic to free the generating companies from fines for delay of planned repairs of power units to combined-cycle plants. However, the exception will only affect the objects gone in for repair until April 1, do not agree with what generating companies. The total capacity of these units is 650 MW and, according to experts, the total penalty for the failure of the repair for one month can reach 1 billion rubles. On some units the fines had already been assessed in the past months, alert generators.The generating company will be able without penalty to delay the output of repair of power units to combined-cycle plants (CCGT), follows from the draft government resolution developed by the Ministry of energy. The new rule will operate on a time of restrictive measures because of a pandemic, and only for objects on the PSU, pushed in for repair until April 1. According to Ministry’s estimates, from penalties will be exempt generating units with a total capacity of 650 MW. “At the same time for such objects to maintain a General provision on the termination of payment of power after 180 days of finding the repair”,— reported in the document.We are talking about objects, built under the capacity supply agreements (DPM, provides ROI through increased payments of the wholesale electricity market). For failure to release from repair provided reduction in payment for power up to complete its reset.In connection with the restrictions due to pandemic completion of full repairs for a number of objects “not possible”, follows from the explanatory note to the project. The amendments were prepared on behalf of the President.According to estimates by Nicholas Osipenko from Vygon Consulting, stations with a total capacity of 650 MW at PDM for one month repair, not coordinated with the System operator (Manager of the power system), can receive about 0.4–1.1 billion rubles of revenue depending on the price of power, which differs from object to object.The difficulty of repairs because of a pandemic complained generating companies reporting delays of imported components, as well as banning the movement of foreign professionals at the service of the University. The Council of power producers (POC, brings together the generating company) sent letters to the government asking to cancel the fines for lengthy repairs (see “Kommersant” on April 9). The paper reported that problems can arise with the repairs, more than 40 pieces of equipment with a capacity of about 6 GW. Then the question was put on the presidential level (see “Kommersant” on 30 April). Problems with the repairs because of the pandemic had “inter RAO” and “T Plus”.The project affects only the units gone for repair until April 1, but after this date in Russia and in the world still had limitations, she said. In addition, the resolution to the end not solved, how will be recalculated PLATA for power. The units released for refurbishment until April, capacity charges have already been assessed fines already included, it is unclear how it will be recalculated retroactively, said Ms. Panina.As reported by “b” in “T Plus”, proposed Ordinance would not affect the company. We are talking about repairs begun before April 1, however, the unit “T Plus” at the Nizhneturinskaya GRES power plant with a capacity of 242 MW went into scheduled maintenance on April 8, the company said.A POC, told “Kommersant” that the amendments, in their opinion, should apply not only to combined-cycle PDM units of foreign production, and domestic equipment. The Association noted that the movement of specialists in Russia is also limited, it can be considered a force majeure.”The tightness of the repairs may be advantageous to generating companies, as the lack of effective units allows you to temporarily increase electricity prices. To prevent abuse, it is advisable to examine a maintenance situation on each object, they are not so much”,— said “Kommersant” in the “Community of energy consumers” (which includes industrial energy consumers).Pauline Smertin