The son of the famous artist Nikas Safronov pianist Luca Zatravkin said that alarmed by a sharp weight loss producer Maxim Fadeev and hoped that it was not the cause of health problems. About it reports “the Fifth channel”.

Rambler wrote that earlier Fadeev shocked fans by telling that he lost 100 lbs. as proof of his words, the producer has published in social networks photo, which quietly fit in one pant leg of the shorts, which were worn previously.

“For me, of course, is sad news. Because I always wanted to work with this awesome music man. And I thought it would be a good tandem on the world’s largest musician — me — and largest producer. Unfortunately, now he’s lost weight, and here is the “magic sizes” evaporated” – ironically noted Zatravkin.

He also expressed the hope that the weight loss Fadeeva has nothing to do with health problems, and indicated the desire of the producer “to get rid of everything unnecessary”.

“First he got rid of him completely unnecessary artists. Then he got rid of the production center. Now he got rid of the excess weight. If this goes on, he will begin to squander the money! At this point, it is better not to pass by and be close…”, – joked the pianist.

Weighing about 200 kg Luka Zatravkin also suggested Fadeeva to give or sell him some of my stuff, if the producer is not going to “soon to gain weight”.