Joint photo of the singers Sergey Lazarev and Vlad Topalov provoked rumors about the reunion of the Duo Smash!!. The picture appeared on the page Lazarev in Instagram.

“Honey @vladtopalovofficial through years, Through distance!” – signed photo of the actor (spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter saved).

Users have decided that we are not talking about a simple meeting, and the resumption of cooperation.

“Molodtsy’re back together!! Good luck in the joint creative work!!!” – wrote @venerakhn.

“Now many are practicing for the reunion tours,” added @furman.n.v.

“Guys,let’s sing again?” – called @chubareva133.

“Next year, 20 years smash!! Would have pleased the fans, played a couple of gigs,” said @dariia_kudritskaia.

As reported by “the Rambler”, the band Smash!! in 2000 he established businessman Mikhail Topalov. It included 17-year-old at the time Lazarev and 15-year-old Topalov. The Duo broke up in 2006, the singers for a long time did not communicate.