Wife of the son ex-the public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, businessman Artem Chaika Marina reported the threats by her husband. The woman recorded the video, which is published on the Youtube channel of lawyer Catherine Gordon, representing her interests.

According to Marina, after 21 years of marriage she decided to divorce Tom, but he doesn’t want to give her a divorce. She already took away the passport, making it “disenfranchised”, and now threaten to take away four children, as the husband “enjoys limitless power and puts pressure on all the organs.” It has come to the guardianship that was given to understand that in court they will be on the side of the street.

“Now our quiet life with children was under threat,” said the woman.

In this situation, she intends to sue Artem, adding that she’s not interested in a section of the property. She only wants to return his passport, which the husband holds for two months, and gets away with it.

“I just want to live without threats. I ask the media and all people support me,” – said gull.

In a video also attended daughter and son Marina. One of the girls said about a possible “stuffing” that Seagull Marina is in a poor condition. The second another daughter added that they all want to “it’s all over.” She also asked my dad to give mom a divorce.

Artyom Chaika is the eldest son of former Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika, who currently holds the post of presidential envoy to the North Caucasus Federal district.

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