Russian authorities almost daily report about the opening of international flights to new countries and the preparedness of airports and airlines to resume flights. From August 1 to begin flights to Turkey, Tanzania and the UK. According to news agencies, in the near future the flight is scheduled to resume with the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Maldives.

But the question is: why are we talking about Tanzania or the Maldives and flights to our closest neighbours still remain banned? What’s behind it and how actually is the situation with air travel for Russians, “MK” told the leading aviation expert, head of the Internet portal AVIA.RU Network Roman Gusarov.

-I Have the impression – shared with the “MK” expert – that very much wanted to open Turkey. All asked and begged. Last year more than five million Russians vacationed in Turkey. Now our resorts are all full, and therefore everything about Turkey was talking. It had to be open under some pretext. Although earlier in the list, the CPS among the countries safe for Russians, Turkey was not listed. It at all in any lists were not. Suddenly, she opened Turkey.

with her even Tanzania and the UK.

-the feeling that together with Turkey, that is, “pile up”, opened precisely those countries where the mass still no go. It’s hard to tell what’s up with Tanzania as from Russia directly there planes never flew. And the UK still requires arrived in the country a two-week quarantine. Well, who under such circumstances go there? Except those who very much need.

Although before all, who would want to learn, to heal, who had a residence permit, or citizenship, would go there. So, what opened the UK – question. Apparently, along with Turkey, something I had yet to open.

-Talk about the opening of flights to the Maldives is from the same series?

-Perhaps on the Maldives, someone’s coming. Apparently, they also someone very necessary.

-can the Russians use open for travel the country as a transit. For example, on arriving in London, to go to Paris? Or then not be allowed?

In France will not be allowed for sure. The EU for Russians is closed. In some other countries where the entry of Russians allowed, apparently, to fly will be possible. Of course, if there is a visa and the relevant documents.

And via Istanbul can fly. There is an interesting statistics: in the first three months of this year more than 300 thousand Russians visited Turkey. Question: why do so many, if January, February, March – is not the holiday season? Turns out it’s all people who flew via Istanbul on somewhere as Turkish airlines and Istanbul offer CE��one convenient connections to more long-haul flights.

So, you can fly via Istanbul, and through London, but only in the country where allowed to enter the Russians. In the EU we will not be allowed. I think if the European Union somewhat differently conducted its policy towards Russia, then we would now for flights opened up not only Turkey, but Greece. But Greece is EU member, so it resorts for us this summer are closed.

Brussels is very tough about this issue. Yesterday, it was reported that until mid-August for the Russians, the EU border is not exactly open. And I think that this year they do, most likely, will not open, as the statistics on the incidence of coronavirus we still high. In addition, in Europe has already begun the second wave of coronavirus. So what about the opening of regular international air travel is not necessary to speak.