the Wife of actor Alexey Ioannina, which in 2015 had suffered a massive stroke and is currently trying to improve your health, Darya klyuchnikova starred in a new revealing video for the song “tai on me.”

the video shows how klyuchnikova walks around the house in underwear, but in the end, and all is laid bare. Daria, lying in a bath with ice, don’t hesitate and shows all the beauties of her body.

according to “StarHit”, the wife of Alexei Ioannina has long took the son of actor and lives separately. It is reported that she builds a singing career, and a broken stroke wife hardly remembers. According to the newspaper, the artist is under the mother’s custody.

we will Remind that Alexey Yanin has experienced a severe stroke and was in a coma. For a long time the actor was on the verge of life and death. As a result of intensive treatment and willpower, the actor came to himself and began to speak. He is now actively practicing and trying to get back to his former life. The man re-learns to eat, drink and move.