Not all seems well, no, not in the state of Denmark, and inside the most, perhaps, closed – Kingdom of the ROC. Have not had time to resolve the scandal Sredneuralskaya convent, captured the rebel shehurina Sergius, how to approach a new intra-Agency squabbles. But if in the case of shehurina Sergius, the picture is more or less clear (ex-priest banned from Ministry and demonstrates a terrible heresy: asserts that there is no coronavirus pandemic, vaccination will lead to chipping, and the ROC was not to close the temples for the duration of the quarantine), then another confrontation much more interesting. Because it occurs behind closed doors know about him is dedicated.

the Confrontation that captures much more high officials in the Church hierarchy. Interestingly, this time the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church have used to achieve the objectives of the latest Internet technologies.

“MK” has tried to understand the subject matter.

In the center of a scandal unprecedented for the Church environment opposition movement #Ameritech. Even the name says it is a good Dating its founders with the Internet environment and its impact on human minds. Who in the ROC so advanced in Internet technologies?

#Ameretto is the movement of individual trainees Seminary, which exists at the Sretensky monastery in Central Moscow on Lubyanka square, in the vicinity of the buildings of the FSB. The Abbot of this monastery for many years was father Tikhon (Shevkunov), a graduate of VGIK, the very person that the press has long been “cemented” the role of “Confessor of the President.” In Church-related environment, it is believed that he was tipped as the next Patriarch. Like it or not, but in 2018, the Abbot was elevated to Metropolitan of Pskov and Pskov became a major metropolis. It was absolutely logical, given that in the main monastery of this metropolis he began his journey as a priest and a monk, there as head of the Archdiocese after two decades and was appointed.

Candlemas same monastery began to manage his protégé and right hand, father John. But Metropolitan Tikhon seems to have left the running of the monastery, according to public information from the register where the data about change of the head was not brought until August 2019. That is the law he was listed as the head of the de facto and de jure, and had the right of the financial signature.

However, in August, 2019 in the Sretensky monastery by the decree of the Synod was appointed Archbishop Ambrose (Ermakov), former rector

the St. Petersburg and Moscow theological academies. And here started the confrontation.

shortly after the new appointment in the press beginning to leak negative information about the situation in Sretensk��the monastery and attributed to him the Sretensky Seminary. So, in the summer of 2019, the media began from time to time publish information about the alleged “destruction” of the Sretensky Seminary and gradually these publications and grew into a movement #Ameritech.

What unhappy students? Their claims are no different from the eternal displeasure of any of the other students: some teachers were replaced, someone has not got such a high score, as expected. It would seem, an ordinary conversation in any University the chat, however, these claims fathers of the Church began haunting published in various information resources, social networks and popular telegrams channels. After all, seminarians are usually not the most popular users of the Internet.

But in this case the situation was exactly the opposite: every effort has been made to attract the attention of not only the Church but also the secular public.

Not to say that the new Abbot was hiding from seminarians. Archbishop Amvrosy (Ermakov) explained to innovate, citing their compliance with the policies pursued by the Patriarch. But, apparently, the head of the ROC, not all seminarians decree.

At the same time, all attempts by the Abbot to conduct an open policy met with hostility. Made Archbishop Amvrosy (Ermakov) your telegrams-channel – means PR. Said that he had replaced in the Seminary the entire inventory– “boasts”.

So who has started an Internet fight with the Abbot?

the study shows that the Internet accounts and other sites, a negative attitude of the current leadership

the Sretensky monastery and Seminary, not so much – it is telegram-channel “Nikolaev”, learn Calabazo, website Russian people’s line, and his numerous but obscure branches. It was here that the information flow on the fringes of channels, media and replicated by numerous commentators and bloggers. Carefully read the primary sources and immediately notice what unites them is one common feature: they rely on “insider” information from the inside of the monastery and Seminary, and demonstrate a really good awareness of what goes on behind convent walls. According to the study of telegrams communities, as well as open forums and groups almost immediately apparent speech in social networks Buchneva Maxim, a young man 24 years old. Such key phrases as “an island of true Christianity in the Lubyanka”, “miracles Cyril personnel policy” and so on are replicated, repeating as stamps.

during the investigation, it turns out that Maxim Buchnev is the first sub-deacon and personal assistant of the same Metropolitan Pskov and Porokhov Tikhon.

the Most intriguing question in the context of “PartizanskOh the war of ecclesiastical opposition,” is how does Metropolitan Tikhon on the activities of their subordinates? And if he does, why repress it?

it is Clear that within the Church to such “information attacks” and demarches calmly. But in the eyes of the General public this kind of conflict and provocation discrediting the authority of the ROC.

And yet, in the correspondence of members of the community “Sretenka” deacon Maxim Buchnev openly boasts that, he says, he is the author of the recently published media articles under the title “the Genius of the Church PR”, dedicated to Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunova).

the publication said about the talents of Metropolitan Tikhon. In particular it is alleged that he has a reputation as an unrivalled genius of the Church’s PR that has no analogues in the Orthodox world. And compared its behavior with the behavior of Patriarch Kirill during a pandemic. Say, everyone was in shock, went to the shutter, or was in the hospital, and only Tikhon encouraged the believers and were surprised to secular audiences with original creativity. When it became clear that the churches at Easter will have to close in the same day — 29 Mar — Cyril and Tikhon appealed videoprovider to the flock.

And, say, Cyril, “was the gloomy and depressed and gained 77 thousand hits’, while Tikhon was fresh and hot — there was talk of a new Patriotic war, which we need to survive, like the ancestors. And on the first day his word is scored 216 thousand views”.

it is Difficult to say what it is: approved and agreed PR strategy in the fight for the seat of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia? Then one can only sympathize with father Tikhon, as he clearly had a disservice.

he is a Bad soldier who does not dream of becoming a General, and Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov) can be deeply Patriarchal ambitions. But that means he must have an impeccable reputation. Whether the ROC in this context, one major news scandal? The answer to this question is obvious.