The reason for the appearance of the bears in the Moscow region is abandoned farmland. The animal population is gradually increasing. This TV channel “MIR 24” said the Chairman of the Union of ecological organisations of Moscow Andrey Frolov.

“In the Moscow region the bears have already appeared. In the North-West recorded the appearance. To Moscow, I think they will not come, but the trend is such that they more freely roam, the number increased slightly, hunting them is prohibited, hunters became less, but, more importantly, forage base increased due to the fact that the land is simply abandoned. This allows them to increase their numbers and occupy the territory from which their man at the time was fired,” he said.

After hibernation, the bears are busy finding food, added the ecologist. So the animals can reach out to people, including, where there are garbage dumps. Andrey Frolov compare the behavior of bears during this period, with the habits of stray dogs. He noted that she the streets, you may see packs of stray dogs and foxes, which are also quite aggressive in the spring.

“They are also, unfortunately, come to the trash. The most careful you have to be in locations that are adjacent to parks. There are times when the trash people even crows attack when a man comes to empty the trash, and there a dozen crows, and they begin to throw at him,” – said Frolov.

Closing the parks, he added, has led to the fact that on the outskirts of towns began to meet wild animals. They are less scared, because next to no people and transport.