In the administration of the President of the United States discussed the possibility of holding the first since 1992 nuclear test, the newspaper reported Washington Post, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, this issue was considered at a meeting of senior officials from agencies involved in national security, last Friday. The reason for the discussion was the approval of the administration that Russia and China reportedly conducted a nuclear weapons test of low power.

It is noted that the meeting ended without any decision on the matter. Two people familiar with the discussion, noted serious disagreements about this idea. At the same time, another source pointed out that eventually decided to take other measures "in response to threats posed by Russia and China, and to avoid the resumption of tests".

According to the newspaper’s source in the administration, a demonstration of Moscow and Beijing that the United States can conduct a "rapid tests" can be useful from the point of view of negotiations on the control of nuclear missile weapons.

Earlier, the US said that think about extending the strategic start-3 Treaty with Russia, which expires in 2021, but I suggest to expand it to a large circle of new weapons not included in the current start-3 and also propose to include in the contract of the PRC. China has said that such negotiations were not interested.