Sex & Relationships, Well, have a good catch up with friends over having sex. There is almost nothing better. So nice? The same topics are discussed with the mother, or dear father. “There’s no lipstick on my face? I thought for a moment, the kiss in the car”, from the word? Kris Jenner, during a lunch with her two daughters, who are exactly, the as soon as possible under the table on all fours. But why do we find it so embarrassing to our parents about sex is to talk about? Seksuologe Map Spheres to explain.

Kris Jenner, mother and manager of some of the most well-known families in America, the Kardashians is not on her mind in some cases. Shame? No, that emotion is rage, never by its body. This is also evident in a new trailer for their famous reality tv series ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. Kris is confused in a restaurant is chosen as daughters, Kendall and Khloé in her eyes. Not long after, she began to freely talk about what they are up throughout the night, and yes, one of the daughters already know how that goes. Khloé and Kendall in their hunger, it seems, as if by magic to have disappeared. why do we find it so embarrassing to be on some of the topics to talk about with our parents?”

“Just like the parents that their child doesn’t want to know, we want to reverse one of them also does not know, light Bulbs are from the ground. “The reason for that? Because we are men and women of our family, not as a sexual being living in it. This is why the first three things to do, dating back to ancient Egypt. The family is not seen as something sexual. Biological point of view, are, of course, there are very good explanations for these things, because inbreeding will result in unhealthy offspring. Especially if the band is very narrow. It is, therefore, quite natural that we have someone to whom we are related, so if a person is sexually and see.”

And that is all. “That line goes from top to bottom, from the parent to the child, as well as from the bottom to the top, from a child to a parent. And that’s all. What is important is that there is a little bit of openness that has been created. You will need your parents don’t have to know about what sex positions they prefer, or how many bedpartners she had.But you need to be open to the public on themes to be able to talk to. It should not be personalised, but the right information needs to be shared, they can be.”

you may Also be embarrassing for the parent

it starts at a very young age. It is important for parents to talk about sexual issues. If a pre-schooler, his body is beginning to explore, or begin to masturbate, then, do we react as a parent will often be shocked at it, ‘ explains Balls off. “A child from a very young age, in the sense of, ‘oh, about this subject, too, is better not to be with mom and dad. And from then on, it is a taboo to actually be installed. Parents ‘ shed, so the fact that a taboo on it, the children will feel that and react to it.”

it’s that the taboo does indeed have an effect on the relationship between a parent and a child. “There is actually a gap between the parent and the child, the seksuologe out. “And that continues to be perpetuated by the society in general. We expect, for example, in our scholensysteem for sexual health education. A lot of parents, the setting of okay and the school is taking on that task, so that the subject matter should not be referred to in the table in the kitchen.’ All of that is very important.”