The representative of the world health organization (who) in Russia, Melita Vujnović told how to dispose of disposable medical mask. As writes “Interfax”, she explained that they should be treated the same way as household waste.

“They [the masks] have to be disposed of as household waste, they pose a danger directly when removed, but after some time — almost none,” said the who representative in Russia.

She added that data about the risk of disposable medical gloves after using them yet. “Large-scale, no one used gloves in the main mask was used”, — explained the lack of research Vujnović.

Earlier, the TV presenter, doctor of medical Sciences Elena Malysheva showed how to wear and take off disposable gloves. She noted that they must remove the contaminated side inside, pulling on the wrist with the fingers of the other hand. Then they need to be thrown, after which you should wash your hands.