Anita Tsoy has laid out in instagram video, which was unpleasantly surprised by its subscribers.

The singer in a tracksuit, countryside, walks in the fresh air and enjoys the beauty of the rainbow.

In the arms of her big grey cat that tries to escape.

Suddenly in a playful gesture, she throws the animal up. Only here to catch a pet, it did not happen.

But judging by the review over, flying cat did not upset. Apparently, the mistress, this story seemed funny.

And the video is signed:

“Who knew that cats can’t fly!”

Followers stunned this treatment with a pet.

“Why from happy cat to quit? Oh, the people…”, “these are the consequences of quarantine apparently also did not expect such nonsense. Why cat throwing? It hurts her”, “Anita, the cat has 7 lives, you can still try to teach him to fly”.

Anita said, in order to reduce the intensity of popular anger:

“In the experiment, no animals were hurt!”

However, the video is not removed, and the details are not elaborate. Subscribers thought it was wrong.

“I am shocked. Never not funny. And let serious injury to living being is not caused, I hope, but act stupid. Not worthy of an adult, I would of scolded child and explained. And then the media, adult personality. Unexpectedly. Unsubscribe”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Anita Tsoi enjoys the fact that thanks to the isolation began to exercise regularly and now oversees the transformation of the figure.