expert of the world health organization (who) Maria van Kerkhove stated that Smoking increases the risk of occurrence of coronavirus infection in more severe form. Thus she commented on was published in France studies indicating that smokers supposedly less hospitalitynet due COVID-19.

As explained by the representative of who, the study “does not assess whether Smoking protects against the disease, and not saying it.” “There are a number of published studies that smokers who contracted the infection have a higher risk of heavy course of the disease, the necessary ventilation of the room in the ICU and death,” said Mrs. Kerkhove (quoted by TASS).

the Ministry of health of Russia has previously stated that Smoking during a pandemic coronavirus can be deadly. According to the chief freelance psychiatrist, the psychiatrist Department Professor Eugene Brune, “stuffing” the benefits of Smoking “organized stakeholders and producers”.

Russia in the number of infected COVID-19 ranks fifth in the world: the country is sick over 198 thousand people, died more than 1.8 thousand around the world the number of infected exceeded 3.9 million, died more than 274 thousand