the fate of the beasts can be disastrous: two of them are useless, except to those people who now care for them: one clumsy ill since childhood, the second is just old. The chances of Grisha and Umki to get in a zoo or circus is practically zero.

Problems in Taganrog mini zoo started after the movie on the Internet, which shows that the bear is languishing in the heat. At that time the outside temperature was really very high from the heat of suffering and nature, and people.

the Living area in the city Park of Taganrog, where he lives more than a hundred animals and birds, including a camel, a Fox, a wolf, a lynx, was opened in the Soviet years. One of its first inhabitants was the brown bear, known among citizens and residents of the nearby villages named Gregory.

the dashing nineties, when the city budget was any hole, the local authorities agreed with Taganrog entrepreneur Nikolai Bushuev on the patronage of animals. Then he directed the children’s equestrian section, in which the young riders coached Olympic champion Nikolay Korolkov.

Soon, the hall gave he the property of the mini-zoo in the long term. His terrain and the cells were given in a normal form, instead of the clay tracks appeared asphalt, and Gregory gained neighbors, a married couple bears and Winnie the Pooh, which gave the offspring – bear Umku. When he grew up, “co-starred” in the film “My grandmother is a witch” on the novel by Alexander Kurland.

the Living area has become very popular in Taganrog in the district, especially among children. After all, the nearby zoo is located many kilometers away from him, Rostov-on-don, and to go there not for every family. When Taganrog mini zoo is closed on quarantine, there were problems with the purchase of animal feed, disinfectant cells (their prices soared four times) and the payment of salaries to care for the Pets of staff and is more than three dozen people, including the vet.

came To the aid of the townspeople, inhabitants of other settlements of the Rostov region and even guests from Moscow and St. Petersburg, which brought dozens of kilograms of meat, vegetables, fruits, cereals and nuts for the inhabitants of a living area. Today at the entrance you can read the words of gratitude to all those who helped during the quarantine.

it Seemed a difficult time for animals and staff a mini-zoo behind, but new trouble came. After dissatisfied reports on the Internet about the contents of the bears, here was raided by numerous reviewers. Conduct investigation on the subject of animal cruelty.

As reported by “RG” in office of public Prosecutor of the Rostov region, the issue of administrative harassment of the owner of a living area, as identifiedabout that size of the premises, which contain brown bears, not meet for today standards. This year, the area of the cages for the bears should be not less than one hundred square meters. If Nikolai Bushuyev will not be able to solve the problem that awaits animals in the future? To find a new home for two bears of the four will fail.

– Gregory old enough walks, almost all the time is, and Umka, which is ten and a half years old, was born with congenital hypoplasia of limbs and deformity of the skeleton. So it is about half that of their relatives. When the bear appeared in the living area, and the speech was not about to give it somewhere, because he needed the normal care from the first days of life. Claims about small cell unreasonable: Umka do not need a large. As a person with osteoporosis, the animal enough walks. She can do it, just getting up on its hind legs, on four bad turns, explains veterinarian Anastasia Kostina.

In the mini-zoo have found a house and other injured animals and birds. For example, a Swan without one wing or sick storks, which are here handed to the rescuers. Nikolai Bushuev, the invalid of the second group not only knows all pupils by name, but also the character and habits of each. With us without fear of stroking the face of the great white skunk with huge front fangs, saying: “Vaska, not bullies”.

a penny of subsidy, unlike public zoos, the living area receives. The monthly cost of Pets, communal and wages make up more than three hundred thousand rubles. While the price of admission to the zoo a hundred rubles, and for certain users, for example children from the orphanage for minors and the elderly from social institutions, it is free.

in addition, local authorities are trying to force Bushueva to pay the rent for the land on which the cages are, and this, according to him, more than a million rubles a year. On this basis for several years into the litigation between municipal structure and the entrepreneur, which harms animals. Because of the instability it is difficult to invest in the development of the zoo, but the local authorities could give the green light to increase its area, and then the conditions of detention of Grisha, Tomy and her parents would have met.