– Behind children many tests: the business intensive, and online module, and a distance education course. But the most important is the decisions that are created during this time from scratch, – said General Director of ANO “Russia – country of opportunities” Alexey Komissarov. I’m sure that the competition “My first business” will be the starting point of the entrepreneurial future children. Three teams – only 12 students will get extra points for the exam for admission to universities. We hope that all participants gained good experience and a solid basis to move forward and develop your first business.

As it became known “RG”, the future student can claim the maximum ten points for individual achievements.

Every University disposes of them in its own way. Thus, the Russian economic University named after Plekhanov and all its branches give three points advances to the finalists and two points to the full stages of the competition “My first business”. And the southern Federal University gives 10 points semi-finalists and finalists.

the dream of making money today’s students?

the winning Team from Moscow Polygonal People, for example, creates designer gifts and interior items. And in a trendy and eco-friendly technique of papercraft. Animal figures made from hundreds of paper polyhedra, came straight from the future. The Golden owl will cost 1500 rubles. Blue deer with pink antlers can be bought for 2000.

In the team, all seniors: Anton Shapovalov, Emil Romanovskiy, Anna latkina, Ivan Moskin. Project leader Anna latkina recognized that the goals for 2020 downright Napoleonic: 10 thousand subscribers in social networks, 30 new pieces in the catalogs, 20 collaborations with design companies and 200 new customers. Well, in parallel to pass the exam and enter universities.

Second place went to the guys from Nizhny Novgorod: Ivan Koryagin, Maria Gunina and Nikita Vohmyanin. Imagine a table lamp, the bulb which illuminated the water droplets do not fall, but fly.

It is a piece of furniture, creating the illusion of antigravity, they showed at the contest. Name your project Gravity Lamp. Children learn in different schools: physical-mathematical Lyceum N 40, natural science Lyceum N 38, high school N 165. The team began almost by accident. The result of their collaboration was the one lamp-the laureate, gaze. Guys have created a prototype, but already dreaming about mass production.

Third place – the team from Krasnodar. Redly – IT-project created by the students Pavel Borisov, Ekaterina Zaikina, Vlad Medvedev, Golden Suede and Marian Yakhshibekyan. They program a virtual robot assistants that communicate with customers in social networks. They can, for example, to record the person at the reception. Or to provide information about the schedule Rwork of specialists, to advise on services and prices, to do mailing lists. And all of this 24/7, the robot can communicate simultaneously with hundreds of people. In General, a highly beneficial thing for any small business.

As told to “RG” teacher of the Krasnodar school No. 71, the sphere of Internet and IT technologies today the majority of interested students. And no matter what kind of business they dream of: without progress in the social media market is not to win.

– During the competition the boys earned 75 thousand rubles real profit, – said the coach of the Krasnodar team Vlad Bondarenko. Their chat-bot really works, and we can arrange its sale. But in order to use these developments to further develop a real business on the market, you need to register the IP or LLC, but because of the team members only one was 18 years old, and recently. All the rest – under. Accordingly, the required officially certified permission of parents and a lot of other documents. This creates natural problems. In General, our students participate in the competition was an important experience that allowed them to rise on a new step of development.

“My first business” – one of the flagship projects of the platform of “Russia – country of opportunities”. Students can participate in competition with the business idea and the finished project. The contest is aimed at development of youth entrepreneurship. Only on the platform of the competition in the last academic year registered more than 705 000 participants. In season 2019-2020 competition included skills training in project management and entrepreneurship. The job was compiled by the scientific staff of REU them. G. V. Plekhanov.