According to the latest who data, the world was more than 20 million cases of infection with coronavirus, over 737 thousand people died.

“still a small number of people in the world contracted the virus and developed an immune response. It must be remembered that a large part of the world’s population remains vulnerable to the virus,” said Dr. Ryan.

In this regard, the who continues to insist on the need to observe the protection against infection: you need to wear a mask in enclosed spaces and crowds, to observe social distance 1.5-2 meters, to avoid visiting crowded places.

the who also expressed concern about the lack of basic opportunities to observe hand hygiene in many schools. Today was presented the joint programme of who/UNICEF to monitor the situation in different countries, according to which in the past year, 43% of schools around the world lacked even the most basic equipment for washing hands with soap and water, not to mention the water supply and sanitation. Without it safe operation of school facilities in the midst of a pandemic COVID-19 is not possible, the school can become a risk for the emergence of new outbreaks of infection since the beginning of the school year – said the who.