Thousands of ordinary citizens share their apartments with equal number of ordinary dogs and cats. And those four-legged, who the owner did not get a city built shelters with regular meals and veterinary care. Can someone could not like this idyllic picture?

the Last few months around the municipal shelters for stray animals is a strange romp. The media will be several articles about how shelters do not respect the volunteers and torturing animals. The social networks these same volunteers of these shelters will write literally about the horrors of concentration camp regime for dogs and cats. Then all of a sudden, as if on cue, begin to discuss plans for total genocide of Pets in the prevention of coronavirus.

a careful study of these publications one gets the impression that all of them are stages of a single plan. As if some invisible trainer gives the command and in the information field spills out another portion of the negative. The article hit the emotions of the townspeople

as a result, surface observer can (and probably should) get the impression that the authorities are close to the shelters, secretly torturing animals, and the cruel mocking of good volunteers. And how many should be weary of the isolation of the townspeople to come to anger. The more that are on the cutting edge of information was hit with lovers of dogs and cats — a tight-knit community, featuring active lifestyle and welded by common interests. Owners of dogs and cats are obviously trying to rock, set the stage for further action.

We, unfortunately, can’t say who is behind this fuss. Perhaps lovers to bring people into the area ahead of time prepare for the abolition of the regime of high alert. It is possible that the owners of some of the shelters decided to press competitors, lured to her volunteers and sent to me. Probably hiding while in the shadows of interested parties antiprejudice campaign will be felt later. Versions can be many, but they are one — the lightest, the most noble feelings of the townspeople cynically trying to take advantage of some discreet purposes.

the Only thing you can be sure is that cats and dogs are conductors of information attacks on the capital’s shelters did not care about. Thousands of animals were held hostage or political, or market games, and this is worth remembering, while reading another article about how bad Moscow supposedly care about four-legged Pets.

According to IA REGNUM