the Reasons for high mortality of doctors from the coronavirus may be several. One of them: lack of personal protective equipment and their low quality. We dealt with this problem.

To the unsatisfactory situation with the protection of medical workers drew the attention of a Temporary expert group comprising representatives of medical institutions, experts, and charitable foundations – among them the rector of the Higher school of organization and management of health care Guzel Ulumbekova, hematologist Alexei Maschan, Director of the charity Fund “give life” Ekaterina Shergova, President of the Charity Fund “Volunteers in aid to children-orphans” Elena Alshanskaya and other.

the Expert group has collected and analyzed circulation to charities in 50 regions over the last eighteen months, comments in social networks and media, conducted a research interview health professionals in 12 regions and anonymous survey, which was responded to by the staff of the 84 medical organizations from 24 regions of Russia.

Anonymous – because bosses generally prohibits health workers to complain in the media or even the Prosecutor’s office that they plainly do not provided with PPE. After all their complaints cast a shadow on the leadership of a medical institution. The leadership in this gets a scolding from the regional authorities. Regional authorities, in turn, fear the wrath of the Federal authorities. Therefore, physicians and nurses, who, unlike the officials really are in danger, told to keep quiet. They keep quiet. And then you die.

the expert group of the analysis showed that hospitals do a lot of problems with personal protective equipment (PPE). The demand is understated at least by a third and quality and the list of recommended and used vehicles does not correspond to the real threat of infection, often faced by physicians.

“not all of what we have called the “personal protection” is actually them, – told “MK” Vladimir Kotov, President of the Association of PPE. – In the “darowizny” era in medical facilities is supplied mostly gloves and bandages, which are called we now have “masks.” But it is not protective equipment, and hygienic.

Reliable respiratory protection, which requires doctors provide completely different means. Initially they were intended for chemists, lifeguards, pharmacists and workers in industries where there is a danger of gas emissions. These masks protect the respiratory organs from aerosols with particles whose size is comparable with air molecules. Virus more such molecules are approximately 30 times. So it is easily filtered in such masks.”

as a good example of the Cats brought a mask, in which President Putin went to the Communarco. This mask Russian manufacturer. It really is very reliable, and confirmed that the head of state: the President is not sick. And the doctor Kommunarka Denis Protsenko, who walked with him in a sanitary bandage, ill.

Perhaps he would have gladly put on a mask, like Putin. But hospitals are unable to buy them and even to take a gift, as these masks are not a registered healthcare PPE as “medical devices”.

Some doctors are buying them for their own money, if possible. But most go to conventional respirators with filters and eye protection that RUB on face corn and distort the field of view so that the required from physicians accurate, jewelry actions may be not very accurate.

the same trouble with quality protection of membranes, shields, goggles and other resources required by doctors in the risk zone. As a rule, they do not have a registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor, and therefore can not be purchased by hospitals.

Experts found other reasons affecting poor protection of doctors.

the budgets of the health facilities were not designed for the procurement Sizov. Especially now all articles even remotely resembling remedies, has risen strongly. The hospital really has no money to provide employees with everything you need.

it would be Possible to attract businesses and charities. But, as recognized experts, in many hospitals there are informal restrictions on open cases to charitable organizations and to donors for help in providing PPE.

the Heads of medical institutions and regional authorities fear that the elders them it will be my fault. Say, “What you can not your doctors mask to buy? Why are you begging for charities?”

According to experts, such problems should be solved immediately. It is proposed to organize a hot line to receive calls and messages from employees of the medical organizations on provision of PPE and to establish public control over the reaction to the message data by the activists and experts of the popular front.

Radically improve the situation in a way probably not work. But in any case these measures will not be superfluous.

an Anonymous survey of healthcare workers, which was conducted by a Temporary group of experts, showed that physicians work under severe administrative pressure. Every fifth Respondent said that at the time of real shortage of PPE information about it anywhere is not transferred (even to their physician they were afraid to say that you do not have sufficient remedies). 29% of respondents said that “to indicate a real need for PPE prevents them from the fear of a higher authority,” and 43% rated the subject securely��ti PPE as a “dangerous and risky for any comment and discussion”.