Growth in the number of new cases of detection of coronavirus in Russia is associated with an increase in testing, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the Director of the program of the world health organization (who) for emergency situations Michael Ryan.

during the briefing, Ryan, asked about statistics on the situation of the coronavirus, said that the outbreak of disease in Russia came later than in other European countries.

“We see that now the number of new cases is increasing. But while Russia also began to conduct more tests on the coronavirus in cities and outside of them,” said Ryan.

He added that at the present time in Russia introduced a fairly strict regime of self-isolation, as the government understands the scale of the spread of infection. Ryan also noted that Russia had implemented large-scale implementation of social distancing.

“as for Russia and other European countries, in the case when the disease is not controlled and spread among communities, the only alternative is an aggressive public health measures and social distancing that was implemented”, he said.

Ryan also stressed that in Russia, one of the highest rates of testing for coronavirus in the world, and mortality remains relatively low.

According to the operational headquarters on may 8, in Russia the number of cases of detection of coronavirus during the day increased by 10 699 — 187 859. For the entire period recovered 26 608 people registered 1723 death-related coronavirus.