Rostov enthusiasts contributes to the release of disinfecting arches, which will be used to combat coronavirus. The experimental setup is already working on the entrance to one of the larger stores. Through it buyers come in the cloud of disinfectant mist, which is safe for humans but harmful to viruses.

– Now everywhere is information about the dangers of coronavirus, but unfortunately, not all take it seriously. While such a large-scale decontamination of streets and public spaces, such as in China, where furniture installation series moving around the city, we have not kept. But the place of a mass congestion of people there. Shops, pharmacy, hospital, or continuing to work agencies can be disseminators of infection. Even if they are treated regularly, people entering from the street can carry the virus on themselves. So the idea arose to create a barrier to entry. I shared this idea with like-minded people. We haven’t slept for several nights discussing the options, says one of the Rostov enthusiasts-inventors Nikolai Korolev.

Studied the effectiveness of various methods of disinfection, Rostov craftsmen have created its own viral-protective system. Initially, the installation in the form of a self-made house looked pretty clumsy, but after some improvements and modifications have taken the form of an arch made of polycarbonate, which is not ashamed to put at the entrance of the store, and administrative building.

At the entrance of a person into such an arch triggered a motion sensor the pumps under pressure in special pressure on the top and sides of the nozzles decontamination solution, which is dispersed in small almost not visible to the eye mist hazy. When driving through it, in fact, the disinfection. And on the floors under my feet and just soaked in the disinfecting solution pad cleaned the soles of their shoes. As a result, the passage through a “gateway” gives a fairly high guarantee of disinfection.

Originally not planned any specific disinfecting solution, so theoretically epidemiologists in each region can be made “misty arch” at their discretion. The band chose a tool that is effectively used for disinfection, but does not harm human health.

– It refers to the fourth class of security, compliance with health standards, used for disinfection in hospitals, schools and kindergartens. In the arch of the person envelops a mist of disinfectant drops from 25 to 50 microns. This size is not dangerous even for the mucous membranes, – says Nikolay Korolev.

the First arch appeared at the entrance to the supermarket, a large shopping network in the city of Shah��s Rostov region. The experimental operation of already pozvolili to improve the installation. As it turned out, passing through her customers with shopping carts accidentally touched the wall of the arch, so the inventors added the arch protective bumpers.


epidemiologist Kateryna Kuzubova:

– This type of disinfection is difficult to comment on. It is necessary to see and to learn. Besides coronavirus infection is transmitted by airborne droplets, and in this case is processed only the surface and not all, but only those that are available. Thus it is necessary to speak about using the right disinfectants at the correct concentration according to instructions. Moreover, after each treatment must be sustained exposition (the residence time of the disinfectant on the surface to be processed of the object – “RG”) in order to give time for the virus to die, if we are talking about the surface. But the person himself, of course, the virus does not die after passage through the arch. And how this treatment can be effective in a percentage, I can’t say.