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In the Urals Dorm with residents was put up for auction

A hostel in Sverdlovsk region, where live more than 100 people, put up for auction in the framework of bankruptcy procedure of the Ural transport Bank. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

Dormitory residents, some of whom live here for many years, fear that the new owner will be evicted. While the interviewed lawyers noted that according to the law the owners have the full right to dispose of the residence in the event of acquisition, and prosecutors organized an investigation of possible violations of housing rights.

trump allowed the CIA to beat Russia

The US President Donald trump has signed a secret decree empowering the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) broad authority when conducting operations in cyberspace, including against Russia. This is with reference to former administration officials, reported Yahoo News.

According to the publication, thanks to this decree, the Agency may make a decision about cyber attacks without prior approval of the White house, including by disabling the enemy’s infrastructure. To opponents, according to a former official in the U.S. government were Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

Arrested robbed the Russians at tens of millions of rubles cheaters

CID officers detained the organizers of the criminal group, which with reissued SIM cards stole tens of millions of rubles from Bank cards of Russians. This is stated on the website specializing in the prevention of cyber attacks the international company Group-IB, the experts assisted in the investigation.

According to Group-IB, the group operated a few years, stealing money from Bank accounts of citizens with the illegal reproduction of their phone SIM cards and receive access to mobile banks. The victims, including wealthy people who were in jail or have served sentence in the colonies.

“Two organizers of the group were detained in Solntsevo and Kommunarka, their point of the “service recovery SIM card” — in the suburbs. Another member of the group associated with cashing, were caught in Samara”, – stated in the message.

stores In the Russian buyers are back

The people of Russia have again started to spend money in stores after three months of saving. This is with reference to the study conducted by the laboratory “Cerdanya” Sberbank, writes Vedomosti.

The study notes that over the sunher first half of July, the consumption is kept at a level of 2019. More Russians buy computers, home appliances, clothes and shoes, fell spending on drugs and medical products, as well as alcohol.

the C-500 will give Russia world domination

Thanks to the creation of anti-aircraft missile system s-500 Russia can fully capture the arms market and sell Prometheus even allies of the United States. This writes the Egyptian newspaper Sasapost, the translation of the article which made the “new York times”.

The publication notes that according to its characteristics, the C-500 is superior to all existing defensive systems in the world and is capable of hitting not only medium-range missiles, and missiles in near space, and to shoot down a plane or missile, whose speed exceeds the speed of sound.

Considerations of safety make the s-500 is more attractive compared to all other air defense systems. The cost of the complex is also likely to be much less similar to the us systems, and US allies will not resist the temptation to purchase Russian weapons, I’m sure the author of the article.