the Allocation of state 10 thousand children from 3 to 15 years is not a joke stirred the citizens. Someone ran to storm the government services website, and someone has a grudge against the powers that be. “Why did you deprive teenagers of 16 and 17 years? That they now stand on the labour exchange?”, “Why is the money distributed to everyone, even the rich, not the truly needy?”

After the incident may 12, collapse of government services website, where people rushed to issue statements to obtain money, everything quickly returned to normal. And on Wednesday, the site earned in normal mode.

Our correspondent that the day before had not been able to do that today without any problems managed to fill and send your application to the Pension Fund for the payment of 10 000 rubles per child. However, it turned out that to apply not only need a birth certificate, and social security number of the child.

many this requirement caused a major problem. When you try to send a document, I get the message that the social security number is not found. Obviously, after the introduction of the document number, people have forgotten to click on “Check social security number”. At least for me, after I typed in the number field again and tested it, the system stopped giving the error. In the end I received a message that my application is in queue to send to the FIU. However, this was followed by the warning that the processing time of the document can be increased.

While some parents tried to apply for payments, others have accused the authorities of injustice. Most of all outraged citizens, where there are students 16 and 17 years, flown by hand. Hurt feeling and low-income families. From their point of view, the officials had to distribute larger sums of money to the truly needy and not spread the payments on all little. Read on this subject material “the Angry mother: “Putin’s Decision on payments for children wildly unfair”

Why the authorities took such a decision and how is it justified in today’s reality, we talked to the Director of the Center for market research HSE George Ostapkovich, who predicted that the authorities will move to direct distribution of money to the public even before the President’s speech.

– In General, the solution, in my opinion, completely justified, children are children. It is possible, of course, should allocate a large amount of the truly needy, and not to give 10 thousand to all families, including quite wealthy and even rich.

But the problem is that this would require collecting a huge number of securities, which is carried out under conditions of a pandemic is very difficult. In addition, such a decision also would cause discontent, someone surely would find itself unfairly bypassed. Obviously, the authorities were afraid of social resentment, so he did not divide people according to DOH��ladies.

In whole, 10 thousand per child – this is a very small amount for the budget and the reserve Fund at the expense of just a penny. Well, the granddaughter of a tycoon, for example, the 10 thousand, and okay, state does not from this impoverished… If the amount was more, somewhere 20-25 thousand, its all just so unlikely to be seeded.

– Why, then, are left out cases of 16-17-year-olds, it also caused national outrage?

– most Likely, the authorities were guided by the global principles that childhood lasts until the age of 15. After 16 I can go and earn and 14, for example, is impossible. Although, of course, should give the money to at least all children under 18 who have not graduated from high school. But, nevertheless, the authorities decided as decided.

– will these payments the economy?

– Any payments or otherwise have a positive impact on the economy. When people have extra money increases demand for goods and services. If people are sitting with no funds, then the problems begin in the same industry.

People stop buying furniture, clothes, etc., and as a result everything collapses. Actually, I think that the current distribution of benefits for children – it is only the start. If a pandemic in our country does not soon subside, or will the second wave, the government will be forced to support the population, so as not to derail the economy.

Now, there are no objective data on changes in the number of available funds in the population during the great distancing. Such statistics Rosstat provides only quarterly. That is, in the second quarter, which fell the main period of self-isolation, this information is in July.

If all goes according to the worst-case scenario, and it turns out that during this period the people have collectively lost 20 percent or more of income, logically, the government will have to announce new measures of direct support of the population.

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