the Beginning of the exam-2020 for eleventh just bear with June 8 at a later date, however, not completely certain, and OGE for ninth-graders this year canceled altogether. In addition, officially confirmed that the exam will take only those graduates who plan to enter higher education, and the number of necessary profile of the unified state examinations will likely be reduced.

All the news has sounded on may 13 the meeting of the Board of the Russian Union of rectors (RSR).

the Issue with MSE-9 for the current year is finally closed, as confirmed by the Ministry of education, “for students in grades 9 planned abolition of the mandatory exams in Russian language and mathematics, final grades will be based on a year”. Resolved and the fate of secondary education – enrollment in colleges will take place in a timely manner and the school year will start on 1 September.

With the exam is more complicated. On the one hand, have exactly agreed that the campaign this year is postponed from June 8 at a later date. On the other, the final date has not officially called them, as expected, in the near future will approve and announce the Government, plus confirmed at the legislative level the state Duma and the Federation Council.

However, most likely, as intimated by the acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev, the postponement will not be so very great:

– We have proposed and are discussing with the Ministry of education, Ministry of education and regions of the six variants of the scheduling of the exam. However, real believe the one that involves the beginning of the campaign in the second half of June and finished on July 11. All, of course, will depend on the epidemiological situation in the regions. But, if she allows, we gained the understanding of the government that the exam can make sense in these terms.

the Option of starting the exam at the end of June and approved by the rectors.

– Then September 1, in the universities we could safely start a new academic year,- said the head of the RFA and the rector of Moscow state University. Lomonosov Victor Sadovnichy.- And the enrollment of freshmen in this case it would be possible to spend a maximum by Monday 7 September. And it will suit everyone.

to Pass the exam this year, wrote “MK”, will not be all, but now it is confirmed officially. Graduates who do not plan to enter higher education, a certificate may be exhibited marks for the year, and their release even from compulsory Russian language with basic math. As for the rest of the graduates, the exam they will take, but most likely on an abbreviated program.

the Number of specialized exams required for admission to the University is to be reduced from the current 4-5 to maybe two. This, according to Musaeva will further reduce the number of participants of the exam, and, therefore, �� associated with participation in the risks of infection.

However, the abolition of a number of entrance examinations may cause some dissatisfaction, because some students may remain with lower results on one subject, having lost together with the cancelled exam of a chance to get higher on the other. Fear of a quality drop kit in case of reduction required for admission exam some and the rectors of technical universities. But this solution seems to still accept.

a speech about the position of the Ministry of education concerning the problems caused by the pandemic coronavirus, was made by the head of Department Valery Falkov. But here’s the thing – three-quarters of the speeches passed without a sound.

It was cut only on the last of the illuminated Minister issues proposal to hold a University graduation this year in online format. Rectors with his boss agreed, even though his statement amply confirmed: to place special hopes on the online activities in our country is not necessary.

Sadovnichy also voiced other issues raised by the Minister, but lost to listeners with his voice, the achievements of domestic distance learning, and the need to maintain fees for students-contract employees at the level of 2019. The Minister spoke as it turned out, and on the question of the exam-2020: conduct of the exam is necessary, and a new school year should start in September.

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