“go To fight some old people”, “the dawns here are quiet”, “Seventeen moments of spring”. It looks like the three most popular war movies according to a leading Russian research following. This rating seems very true because all of these paintings invariably become the main “dishes” special telemenyu on military dates. Viewers want to watch again and again, unlike modern films and TV series about the war.

It would be wrong to say that Russian products have appeared in the new cincerely era, all very bad. And if the series as a more modern format, “the penal battalion”, “On martial law”, “the Saboteur” and some others received a fair amount of public attention and a long screen life. However, the majority, apparently a very loud and ambitious projects were just disposable entertainment and impressed the audience at “was, but it took”.

this year for the Victory Day also came the premiere, which was referred to as “large,” but there are serious doubts that someone will remember about these series in the near future.

One of the flagships of the spring may offensive to the public was the spy Thriller “Black sea”. It was a move with aces, then there are stars in the frame, the Crimean military record as one of the most fashionable themes, and the cinematic quick development of the plot. All is not bad at all, but our audiences are so overfed military serial scenarios that even ordinary people could feel not leaving a feeling of deja vu while viewing.

As if there is a tutorial, not intricate primer, which diligently removed most of the local military serials. The scheme is admired for its clarity. If in our frame, they are mostly good, although permitted and villains and traitors and not always fair nkvdeshniki. If in the frame of the Germans, most of them bad, although permitted a clever and formidable opponents, and sometimes even, in a sense, almost positive characters. And if there is love, then, as a rule, with an obvious taste of doom. In “Black sea”, these rules are also respected with an almost manic diligence, which provoked a lot of angry reviews..

But there was good news. Paul Trubiner, looking handsome as ever in uniform, Andrei Rudensky — a model of a German officer, Ekaterina Vilkova able to do heroic face.

Sometimes with all these virtues the characters slightly resemble the characters of comics with a distinctive black-and-white view of what surrounds them. And even some of the visual techniques of “Black sea” is a persistent Association with the painted world. Local consumers of military-Patriotic products found in this p��waters for anger. “I have the feeling that shot the Americans in the Hollywood who know neither history nor our traditions”, — was indignant the most active viewers. Probably this is not the opinion, on the basis of which to make far-reaching conclusions, but such a demonstration of anger most often it falls on our military and historical dramas.

largely inherited and “Strong armor”, another big project about the war. Here, the creators stepped on very thin ice when he took out the tank battles. Such scenes not as many as could be, but for fans of everything connected with military equipment (like the audience, many among the potential audience of historical pictures) any tank in the frame like a red rag to a bull. Finally got her still and consultants of the series, which has repeatedly been accused of terrible historical inaccuracies. Just think, some modification of the tank was not at the time and in the wrong place.

On the humanitarian level, did not spare the actress Daria Melnikova, who played a female tank girl. Here the authors did not come up with a prototype of the heroine Melnikova became the tank girl Maria October, which itself paid for the Assembly of T-34 and went on the machine to the front to avenge her murdered husband. But here is a selection of Darya Melnikova on the role of a girl that is able to drive a tank, fans seemed armored unsuccessful. In social networks the slender actress was nicknamed “soup set” and, according to people’s critics, such physical data to drive the tank impossible. By the way, the Daria in the end confessed that all attempts really have to move at least one arm failed.

the function of the heroine Catherine Vilkova in the series “Black sea” driving armored vehicles was not included, but the actress still got from biased spectators. And the shape doesn’t suit her, and texture did not like the military and stuff like that.

it is possible that such is the fate of many young Actresses. If male performers sometimes quite successfully to get used to the images of heroes war, modern girls with their manicured faces and figures fashioned diet and Pilates, look at military decorations is often as true of alien.

In the new series “Saboteur” starring again went to Kirill Pletnev and Alexei Bardukov returning to the images Filatov and Bobrikov for the past sixteen years. And that long history of the project in this case creates a slight confusion. In the first series, “the Saboteur” Pletnev and Bardukov played characters who were not even twenty.

the Action “Saboteur. Crimea” is set in the same 1942, when the story of Filatov and Bobrikov as the scouts. But in the frame already, to put it mildly, grown-up men, which gives everything a light Comedy��first effect.

Kirill Pletnev acknowledges that to return to the age of forty, to the character, supposed to be twenty years younger — a moot point. But the actors tried to get into the shape remaining from last season of the project and struggled trying to compensate for the lack in the frame of the hero Vladislav Galkin (actor who played “the Saboteur” one of the main roles for two seasons, died in 2010). Perhaps in the new series of the project too, there are many reasons to be angry comments, but the lack of spy intrigue writers accuse difficult.

the Passions that boil around military and historical projects, hinting at the indifference of the public to such stories. And for Directors and producers it is a stimulus to still remove Russian military series dreams. However, it is not clear when this happens.