“I’m Sorry I didn’t do everything to save you” – bitterly wrote in social networks the inhabitant of Bashkiria Ralina Shamsutdinova

she’s about 19-year-old brother Raile, he became ill with cancer, but was not able to achieve adequate treatment of the epidemic and quarantine. Fate watched and tried to help the entire country.

the young man died.

In mid-April student of Renal Shamsutdinov from Sterlitamak learned that he had cancer. The brain tumor. Need urgent operation.

the Guy was set up for the best: “you only Have to tolerate,” he wrote.

However, in the Republican hospital for treatment, he was not accepted – coronavirus. In desperation, the mother appealed to the authorities via the Internet.

In the end the boy managed to put in the hospital in the city of Salavat, but there was not a neurosurgeon. The authorities promised that it would hold a consultation that will send a helicopter to transport him to a place where specialists are required.

Not sent.

– Body is not accepting food and water, everything goes back barely restrained Ralina. – Headaches, says no, but the constant vomiting. Eyes also did not open, so it hurts, and nothing has really sees. To walk even with support can not, the legs do not go…”

Sister together with my friends came to the rally at the government House of Bashkortostan. “You will stay, brother,” and “save Raila”, – was written on posters.

the Action lasted about five minutes – the place came the police and made reports about the failure of rules of conduct in emergency situations or the threat of its occurrence. On Ralina made a Protocol for organizing an unsanctioned public event. The judge found her guilty, but, however, limited only to the remark.

Meanwhile, Rarely got worse. He underwent surgery, but it was too late, he fell into a coma.

I imagine that they felt some bitterness and frustration. When freeze up and not know where to go, which door to knock: no one hears and responds. Muffled. As in a coffin.

Today, too, buried my close relative. He died not With coronavirus and not “FROM”.

As they like now to clarify officials.

there is no Difference.

Oncology. Poor as he suffered last month as he drove from one hospital to another clinic redeveloped, not accept to pass tests, to produce any procedure to pass the examination it is necessary to pass seven circles of hell.

the Delayed treatment, shifted, got a quote, a consultation, but again a dead end… And all this tear of the aorta. Draining the last of his strength and days.

Until it was too late.

The worst thing we had for the holidays. The ambulance was traveling for 12 hours. Refused. There are no cars. Pressed. Insisted. Scandal. “You must!!! Sharp pain!!!” No. Anyone. Nothing.

they Came not with morphine and diphenhydramine… Le��of ARSTA helped for three hours.

the Core inceltici, cancer patients – they also kill indirectly kills “crown”. Although official statistics of the victims of the epidemic, they will not appear. And death certificates, there are very different diagnoses.Renal Shamsutdinov will be buried tomorrow at home. How many people like it, you can still try to save…