the Trip from Moscow to the regions during the regime of isolation to rest on a summer residence or business is, as they say here in Moscow, three big differences. The journalists of “MK” involuntarily experienced all possible options. By luck more than others. But in any case, experience is another home confinement we do not want. Although we can — with a wealth of experience.

Vadim: “to Suspect the angelic staff of the boarding house in sickness was wicked”

“I svoboden….” — yelled inside of me advertising kupalovski voice, as soon as I vtopil allowed 110 or even a little more miles per hour on the New Riga. And mind inner Kipelov there was no one. As of the pesthouse, as from the besieged Crimean Tatars of the city… feel it was an escape and not an ordinary trip for three days and four hundred kilometers to rest.

even Though I spent the insulation is atypical. First, every day was wound in the office to provide colleagues with the opportunity to work from home. Second, I live outside the city. Not the estate, but 8 acres covered with grass have. And all these only walks with the dog, but not with the child; an electronic pass into the far and entrances calculate with me not affected.

the Idea is to escape from the reality of the family simultaneously. Almost one hour in two different versions of Moscow two people without saying a word typed into search engines: rest on lake Seliger. Then had a long argument about the relationship of wildlife and possible comfort in the upcoming journey. During the disputes as always, the best option was missed, resorts and chalets on the day of Russia flew like hotcakes. But we inherited variant was gorgeous: triple 4 days 3 nights in a private two-story cottage (40 sqm) with three food for 17 thousand rubles. Prices for Muscovites excessively even frighteningly low. Envious friends predicted a catch. But the trick was not.

the Official website of Tver region government insisted on the extension of the regime of self-isolation. But Seliger hoteliers, and familiar journalist (rested on the lake yet may 9) urged not to believe him. And yet, to the border of the Moscow region, I drove a little on edge. But no. No detachments or patrols. Only the quality of asphalt has deteriorated, Yes, gas stations have been caught two times less.

the First town on our way — Rzhev. On the streets there are still people in masks. But the first stop is at a particularly quaint local brewery showed that the capital was over. Of course we relaxed and went in without gloves, but only in disguise. A lonely clerk was sitting in the middle of a sea of drink of beer and, seeing us, lazily pulling down the mask. Although, maybe the trading room without any buyers can be considered her personal office, where, according to the power decrees the wearing of fundsin protection is optional. Or is it all tutorial “How to increase sales”: to enter into the confidence of the buyer, it is necessary to imitate his demeanor, tone of voice, the vocabulary used (NLP in the service of capitalism). Or maybe it’s just in the street was +28.

That’s where we saw no masks, so it is in the boarding house. I’m not cowed-dissident, and an important reason for choosing specifically this place of rest was the promise of some privacy: “Their neighbors, we only saw during dinner” damning opinion “for”. And this opinion was true. But the joint meals. A kind of Gangbang consumers. The pronouncement has become almost intimate for the quarantine time of the process of eating in public. First, we were worried. But for all three days of three meals ever at the next table no one was sitting. Not in the sense that we avoided, but just Seating in the dining room was a perfect “chess”. We could not understand: the boarding house is full, and half empty dining room. But my natural power of observation and knowledge of Russian realities helped. From violations of social distance we were saved by the fishermen! They came with rods and therefore not eaten. They only drank. Sometimes we would see their messengers for canteen burgers, but have never seen them.

And Yes, was in that boarding house another sin: the waitresses are without masks. But personified this sin was two angelic girls, moonlighting during the holidays. They are so adorable blushed when we all told them that, “that was good” (and it is not lied to) that suspect their ailments seemed immoral.

Yes. The boarding house was free from quarantine. From the wearisome attributes of the 70-day isolation. And we succumbed to this temptation. We forgot for three days about everything. So much so that, seeing on the way back somewhere near Rzhev showing white in the gathering dusk mask all the time not to flinch but blinked in surprise. And I’m glad we broke the harsh everyday life adventures.

a week later, when will the required 14 day incubation period and it turns out that everything worked out, I will be very happy.

Catherine: “In Noginsk, in the presence of the virus did not believe until now”

the suburban villas became a real salvation for the capital samotarev. Many people these days have started to value the ability to get some fresh air at least within the borders of its six acres — without fear of becoming infected or of being fined for violation of the regime. Some, taking advantage of the transition to udalenku, went to the cottage for the entire period of work online. Others your precious digital pass that during the most severe restrictions were given twice a week on travel for personal purposes, spending on the road to the cottage and back. Some Muscovites who do not have dachasdata plots began to get a walk in the woods or at the historical places of the region — outside the Moscow ring road were many abandoned estates, where even in the weekend there was not a soul for miles around and where the chances to find the outfit of asguardian was zero. My friend made these forays each week – educational, deserted and no risk of catching the infection. Besides a change of scenery is always helpful and all.

In the suburbs operated regional pass, and on departures from Moscow are steadily standing patrols, which stopped about every other traveling to the region car. Some asked for a pass and some started to get to people, if they were driving in his personal car without a mask. Despite the fact that no regulations obliging to drive strictly within the means of individual protection of respiration was not. However, after a sluggish skirmishes “traffic cops”, as a rule, lagged behind.

In Noginsk since the first days of isolation reigned completely different than from Moscow atmosphere. While the capital of the Scarecrow deserts streets and squares, in the field of life continued to boil. People walked quietly in the street, and companies, and with children, and for the most part the virus is not believed.

“no Netuti the virus, with knowledge of the matter explained to my neighbor. — Come up with it all that we do from the world to rot. My son, now without a job. To live on?”

“What am I, pneumonia or something, never got sick? — boasted to another neighbor, also covid-dissident. — Do you is there really a at home does not produce?”.

People did not believe even when the network appeared the photo of a string of “soon” to one of the local hospitals that have chosen in quality “cavalaria” on the entire area including several large settlements. As tell local, most doctors to even run for presidential allowances refused and preferred to go on vacation. Apparently, the virus is still not believed, not all.

the Mode isolation in the suburbs abolished earlier than in Moscow, and then people relaxed completely. On weekend nights in neighboring areas again sounded loud music, which all sides are actively sing along with drunken voices.

but the people in the shops in response to the request to keep social distance in the best case, twist a finger to his temple.

Anton: “the Patrol didn’t think to read the QR code — only checked me in for intoxication”

the very next day after the introduction of Moscow isolation of the city’s streets were empty. To go to most people was nowhere to go except to the store for groceries. And the main thing — Muscovites was really afraid of patrols and cameras with face recognition — the gift, that is, they were so eagerly announced, they say, the mouse past the camera will not slip? And to a fine of 4-5 thousand rubles to pay in a crisis anyone newhotand. In General, the passes were taken seriously: to the extent that canceled the trip to parents or to the country, if the weekly quota of permits for personal needs was already spent. Now, looking back, I have to admit: actively moving around the city and surrounding area, I have never faced a test of digital badges.

Even in a few weeks the hard access control the movement of the car between Moscow and the region did not present much problems. Initially, when digital badges have not yet been announced, but days has already been announced, I put in my purse, along with “rights” and car registration and even the owner of green thumb — the document on your plot. Just in case, suddenly will stop and ask where I’m going. However, this document was not useful to me on the road once.

Digital passes me as a journalist, not particularly touched upon — that is, I immediately got “Rover”, which is the only time prolongs at the end of April, and in may it was extended already automatically. So I can’t say anything about tracking with cameras — maybe it was, but penalties for me either in Moscow or in the suburbs could not be. But the patrols I have met several times. More precisely, in the Taldomsky district of the Moscow region (extreme North region, border with the Tver region) — it was stationary checkpoints at the entry and exit to the district center. Several times I was stopped (a few times — no), I showed the cops that I have a QR code (one time a COP looked at him, other times just see what I get and nodded, skipping) and rode on. The checkpoints were at the entrance to Moscow on the Leningrad highway — but they didn’t stop me never. In the Moscow night, about 2 o’clock in the morning, I was stopped for apparently “coronavirus” a post, but checked only for intoxication. Never in 2 month of access control QR code I never had to use it for its intended purpose: none of the patrol and didn’t think it to read.

we should say about diligently circulating rumors about sanitary cordons bordering with Moscow regions. Personal experience and experience of acquaintances, alas, is not confirmed: multiple entries in the Tver region revealed the lack, at least in Kimry and the surrounding area checks or prejudice against machines with Moscow numbers. Police or any men in uniform on the roads now are almost there, even when compared with the 2000-ies. But a mask mode — Yes, it is the inhabitants of the Tver province to comply with much stricter neighbors from the suburbs. Given that medicine in Tver at least the funding is clearly inferior to the suburban — very reasonable behavior.

whether it is Possible from personal experience to conclude that the checkpoint Charlie Museum.the second mode was more of a decoration than a reality? Of course not — otherwise there would be a mass issue of fines for travelling on false-overdue pass (now they are successfully disputed, the money is returned to the owners). Apparently, the tracking of the vehicles by their numbers — especially on the highways leading to Moscow, and in the city — do

works. But when it comes to inspections, require the “human factor”, or recognition of faces as a continuous stream — so to say: evidence that these two ways of controlling the movement of the townspeople worked at my disposal no.

Olga: “Tula taxi drivers think that Muscovites — one infection”

If the majority of people wanted to leave the capital just in order to change the hateful situation, that for some Russians visit to a different region was necessary to resolve important things.

My parents brother lived in Tula, I’m in Moscow. The distance between cities seems to be small — 200 miles. If you need to get to the place in 3-4 hours. I have always believed that to solve urgently arising problems much more difficult colleagues from Krasnoyarsk, or perhaps Sochi. And could not think that short distance, and owing to the proximity to Moscow, will give me so much trouble.

…last Fall my mom left, less than three months prematurely, the father. Then I joked, if it be permissible to call it a joke that in some sense I was lucky — was able to bury his parents humanly, because at that time the cemetery has not yet restricted access to visitors. Documents for entry into inheritance after the death of my mother I applied just before the death of his father, and now had again to collect information and to go to the notary. Friends sympathized with the fact that the walking instances required not only a moral exposure. We had to constantly commute between the two cities, but I have work, family. The most intelligent recommend not to delay with the paperwork — they both felt the approach of the digital era. By the way, I almost agreed with them, spit on personal experiences, but it did not happen — came down with pneumonia. As if fate was playing with me, repeatedly postponing the trip.

About the coronavirus had only just started talking. In Russia in February and in early March, “all was well” — great medical luminaries from the TV screen told us about an exaggerated risk of infection, morbidity exclusively of Asians and in General — “the machinations of the imperialists”.

after the illness, I was going to Tula. But not only for registration of inheritance. Brother was in the hospital, and I was going to visit him. Those are the most intelligent friends, recently proposed to hurry, now otgovaryaLee. And for good reason — from the Armory of the capital, they were better, because Tula has introduced a “Lite”mode. The local has not been allowed to visit beauty salons and parks, visitors from other regions had to sit in isolation for 14 days. “You even get out of the house can not — be equated with coronavirus patients. Us here on the streets check — vigilantes across the city. Ask, for what purpose go on the street” scared me friends.

Soon the Tula organized a system of digital badges for entering the area and in transit. Got the code — and from that moment within 24 hours can turn here and there, with the view of the road. I figured: get the code at 6 o’clock in the morning at 8.30 am will sit on the train, in 11 I’ll be there, I will go to the hospital and run to gather information. And the night comes back. No, it was impossible — and not even because of the fear that, at the time of passage will fail (the fear was real — the people on the forums complained about errors in the processing code). The hospital took visiting once a week with 10 to 12 hours a day, and help in the management of the company, as it turned out, was not given the same quarantine. Some management companies though did not work on remote, and in “live” mode, but still refused to serve visitors. A few weeks were closed and MPs — however, they are not all necessary documents.

Suddenly it turned out one more unpleasant detail: in the hospital relatives to patients is not allowed, with the doctor talking was not allowed. Only — it was possible to give “peredacha”. But to come to the hospital for this it was necessary in advance — wanting to please close at least tomato juice and homemade meatballs was great, but the staff were strict inventory of products. The woman who made it to the hospital from Moscow in the beginning of the twelfth day, appeared in the tail of a huge queue — and in the end products it was not accepted.

So, maybe I should try to hit to bypass the strange orders?

— Without crossing the territory of the region will not let you, — said the classmate working in the Railways. — From the train at the Kursk station will immediately drop, and if you go by car — on the border region deployed back. My mother-in-law policeman and said: go back, otherwise the next post you to the hospital sent. Well, they went back to the capital.

How long will last the “blockade”, it was unclear and I called the notary. “We have still got time,’ she told me. — Add to it the duration of the all-Russian self-isolation, we are not to blame for that hit in this story.”

How she was wrong.

June 1, Tula announced the cancellation of electronic passes. The same day I received a week off and rushed Affairs. Feared that digital horror today or tomorrow will come back, and the time of registration documents.Entov running out. Even with the promised notary margin. Bureaucracy, you know, may bring any surprises. She has presented.

the Notary praised me — say, in time to come, even with the stock in half a month. I wondered: did my stock was not intended to extend to the time of isolation?

“Previously, we insisted that the timing of succession was delayed for city residents, and especially other regions at the time of quarantine, — said the lawyer. — I mean, people should apply, relatively speaking, until June 1 — so time for him after a month stay in a closed regime will be transferred on 1 July. The government seems to agree with us, we our customers reassured. And then it turned out that the “renewal” date for the law is impossible. Because officially a state of emergency has not been recognized. So don’t have time to draw up a will just in time — welcome to the court, there is going to explain his delay.”

a Strange thing happens. If quarantine took only six months in the country there would be hundreds of thousands of people who were not able to do the necessary things? I asked the question to the notary. — But, “she said. — This is probably one of the reasons for the unexpectedly quick exit from isolation”.

the Infectious disease Department in Tula, organized specifically for the treatment of coronavirus patients are now transferred to the mode “peaceful” life. However, visiting of patients is still banned. It is possible and right is one sick relative can “reward” a virus to all the branch. And — here we go again…

But in General, Tula lives as before. Also kissing on the streets of the couple, as mothers in the streets drunken youth, as well Hochma some drivers.

— As well, that Muscovites long time to us is not allowed, you are only one infection — told me the Tula taxi driver when I went to the station to return to the capital. — What are you silent? Don’t want to talk? What do you all proud. Contagious and proud.

Arguing with him, I did not. Even the tea is made. Too tired to tilt at windmills in recent months. And not only with wind.