In the center of Moscow in April and may 2020 closed 112 stores and restaurants: such data are one of the major geolocation services working in Russia. It is only on the 18 main streets of the capital, so that the figure looks quite impressive. And, most importantly, correlates well with personal feelings: out on the streets after cancellation of admission, we noticed a lot of closed outlets (for food service — till work only with summer terrace, and conclusions to do still early). Correspondent “MK” was contacted by several entrepreneurs, forced to close during or after quarantine, and learned about their situation in more detail.

most stores, according geoservice 2GIS in the past months, closed on the Garden Ring and Arbat. So, in the Garden “died” 22-food store and restaurant 33. After passing through the Arbat, a correspondent of “MK” saw about 20 empty recently “cleaned” the Windows. Spectacle, on the one hand, sad — like after a major disaster (and why, actually, “as if”?). But there is a caveat: most of the closed establishments and shops were network.

— I will only Say one word: rent – shared with MK the former Director of one of the Arbat network of restaurants, which now solves the issue of translation in its own network. – We are faced with very specific property owners: committed by thugs who didn’t want to hear about the forced break in work. There are conditions under force majeure it misses, since there was no state of emergency, so either pay or get out of the contract. The good thing is that without the penalty they first claimed rent for a few months for the right to terminate the contract.

However, having lost tenants, some owners of square meters suddenly become much more compliant — this happened in early June. “We suddenly were able to move to the center of the city, which for our business is just fine, — told “MK” the owner of an antique shop. — The demand for our range of people while there. All who have money, want to indulge, and abroad at flea markets is not going. We have monitored prices and suddenly found the room at this price, what kind of early in the year and did not dream”. Thus, the area even in the center, as it turns out, emptying nebezpecna, how soon the store will have new tenants, depends primarily on the understanding of the price situation the owner of the property.

— We were forced to leave the price and suddenly the current situation with the construction – said the “MK” the owner of the club car service, recently moved from “River station” to station “Savelovsky”. – The factory where we rented a shop, suddenly give under construction. And this is the second time in two years — we menaam deployment for developers. I hope now will be at this place longer.

There are exotic reasons for closing the Moscow shops and restaurants. “Not ready to talk publicly, but I will say this: I close the business not because of the situation on the market, — has shared with “MK” owner of a cafe in the city centre. — The fact that the quarantine in Moscow gave me the idea that this

the city needs to say goodbye. And better now while the General impression about him is still bright. Much further to go, I haven’t decided — perhaps in some of the historic County towns, which now will increase tourism and will need a restaurant business. Maybe to Europe. In any case, I need not rental and the private room and family team, or risk losing it all because of the new quarantine.”

However, there are optimists: after the completion of the isolation regime in Moscow has opened dozens of new schools and shops (this is the information of the same geo-location service). How many of them will be able to get through the tougher economic situation is uncertain, but it is our duty to wish them good luck. And support visits, as it decided to make Moscow historians in relation to the only remaining in the center of Moscow after the quarantine cult cheburek.