This summer it is planned to restore order in the area from the dam of the pond Kommunar to the Elevator company “Soyuzpischeprom”. The river will be free from shrubs, algae, household rubbish. According to Deputy Minister of ecology of the region Vitaly Bezrukov, with a length of three kilometers intend to carry on until November. The contractor will use construction equipment: excavator amphibious unload the collected algae to the special pontoons, after drying they will be taken to the landfill.

the First phase of “cleaning” the Miass took place last year. From the rushes, cattail, debris then cleared the area about two kilometers in the historic center of the city. The water was blooming with greenery, grow yellow water-lilies, a shrub from the coastal edge, and a General flowering has long caused criticism of Chelyabinsk. About the troubles of the river was given by the professionals who conducted the study, the researchers-hydrologists, saying that one aesthetic “cosmetic” not enough, you need a serious set of measures. In the regional Ministry of the environment promised that the case will not be limited to a shallow collection of garbage in the coming years it is planned to release Miass from years of accumulated silt. However, this procedure requires special equipment and project solutions. The restoration project and ecological rehabilitation of the river within the boundaries of Chelyabinsk began to develop last year, complete want. Its practical implementation related to 2023-2024 years.

the Problem of the river in the Chelyabinsk addressed through funding under the Federal project “Preservation of unique water objects” of the national project “Ecology”. To less expensive “water treatment” in the South Ural capital attract volunteers. In early June, held a community work day on cleaning favorite vacation spot of townspeople of the emerald quarry. Divers from the club “dimsi” volunteers of the public organization Antismog, associations, volunteers in South Ural, Centre and communal service of the regional operator for the export of wastes and other participants collected about 1.5 tons of debris. Found fishing nets, remnants of a passenger car, bus door, the engine from an Audi. With the water surface removed the “Islands” of foam, but most of the waste formed bottles, jars, lids and plastic. Control of separate waste collection was taken by the organizers of the regional “Clean games”. Center municipal service has taken this “wealth” for sorting complex waste dump. Plastic waste is taken for processing the company “Pure Chelyabinsk”. Of them will be manufactured anti-vandal benches that will be placed in one of the squares of the city

cleaning the banks of water objects – part of the all-Russian program “Water of Russia” national project “Ecology”, in which the Chelyabinsk region actively participate. The idea of volunteerism, said the Minister environmentalistsand of the region Sergey Likhachev became popular in the South Urals. Last year the campaign “Water of Russia” has supported more than 10 thousand inhabitants of the region, this is expected nothing less.