This became possible thanks to government complex decisions. In it, in particular, included an increase in the minimum and maximum size of unemployment benefits, expansion of circle of persons with the right to receive it, entered payments in the amount of 3 thousand rubles per child for parents and guardians who are left without work.

Employers have provided incentives for job retention, including lower premiums, direct financial assistance for each employee.

Now in the regions gradually removed restrictions in some sectors of the economy, said the head of the Cabinet. “It is essential to maintain constant control over the situation, and if required – respond promptly so as not to leave people without support,” he said.

Mishustin also encouraged to think about how we can help young professionals, only have received higher education. The labour market is already out or very soon will be released about 1.5 million graduates. “They are in a more favorable situation, not just find a job, because employers value more experience and skills than a fresh diploma, and now the competition in the labour market has become tighter,” he said.