In 2008 met the british woman Alexandra Tolstoy, one of Russia’s richest men, Sergei Pugachev.

In an interview, she described her meeting but the rich man:

“When I met Sergei, it was electric. I was so in love with him. It was romantic, I’ve never felt this way for the other before,” she says to BBC News.

the Couple met each other, when Alexandra Tolstoy was assigned, to teach Sergei Pugachev in English.

Already a year after they met each other they became parents for the first time. Later, they became parents to two more children.

In the beginning did they live a luxury lives with expensive cars, houses, private jets and whatever else to hear, when one is rich.

Sergei Pugachev was at that time good friends with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

But according to Sergei Pugachev, he was falling out with Vladimir Putin, and it was here that the hell started for the small family.

Alexandra Tolstoy and Sergei Pugachev was now on the run from the Russian government, and Alexandra Tolstoy has stated to BBC News that she did not feel safe any more.

So in the spring of 2016 packed she the bag and moved to a safe place with their three common children. Then closed Sergei Pugachev for the purse strings, and neither Alexandra Tolstoy or the three children have seen him since.

He has, however, been out and say, that he one day hopes to see his children again:

“I love my children and I hope that my children will soon have the desire to see their father, and that all will be well again.”