as for the main graduation grounds, on the eve of the stage and all the benches in Gorky Park thoroughly disinfected, all employees were tested for coronavirus.

the Evening of 25 July, the bus ride to the entrance of the Park of graduates (there were about 18 thousand), seated in the cabin strictly staggered. When planting all took the temperature and gave a personal name bracelet with a QR code, and a protective mask with a thematic design. Throughout the antiseptics were placed.

the Young people were entertained by more than 40 artists: Polina Gagarina, Anna Semenovich, Rita, Dakota, Natasha Koroleva, and also incredibly popular in teenagers and youngsters “Dictonary” Danya Milohin, Anya Pokrov, Nikita Chrysostom and others.

“Especially liked the photo zone and absolutely amazing costumes entertainers-aliens”, – shared his impressions of Moscow graduate Anastasia. And added that at home she remained stitched to prom formal dress, but she does not regret that, instead of the evening in the restaurant all night complete the Park in a denim jacket and shining shoes.

as for the traditional school Proms, the city of Moscow were allowed to hold celebrations where there is a large premises – conference and sports facilities and to comply with security measures.

Some parents refused to hold a celebration or moved it to the end of summer, the end of the opening campaign in universities.

“If the budget allows, says Alain Jaworowska, Director of the Moscow Agency “Bromos” – was out of town, shooting estates, pensions”. Someone gathered the whole class at his dacha.

prices also saw a big “fork”: for example, for 20 thousand rubles per person, the parents of one of Moscow schools took on the evening of the Petrovsky Palace.

“And with a minimum budget of 60 thousand with class – you can make quite a pretty evening with a little entertainment and a good leader. But we had to do a prom and a half million, – have told to us in Agency “Bravoman”.

But spending on prom not limited to Banquet and entertainment program. Director of Studio stylists CharmYou Galina Nelyubina told that some girls take two outfit and two pairs of shoes for the official part and to dance. Outfits can be found for every budget, but on average, parents lay out between eight and 15 thousand rubles for a prom dress or men’s suit. But still need shoes and accessories. The girls called on the house of a professional stylist and makeup artist. “In fashion makeup with emphasis on eyes and hair – a romantic, slightly sloppy “bundles” – shared Galina Nelyubina, but I must admit that this year the number of clients graduates greatly reduced”.

the Lasttion calls and prom Belarusian students had to adjust due to the epidemiological situation.

the Last call was made on the 30th of may, and the Ministry of education recommended to combine them with the presentation of certificates 10 June. In the end the big schools renounced the solemn meetings for 9th and 11th grades. The usual holiday could be observed, except that in regional schools where only 1-2 of the graduating class with a small number of students. One of striking examples – the last call in the gymnasium of the city Braslav Vitebsk region, where 25 graduates goodbye to school in space, and called the celebration “Parade of planets”. One of the surprises of steel painted cakes in the form of planets that fifth graders presented to graduates.

Instead of solemn prom concerts, dancing, walks in limos most of the schools are limited to awarding certificates. Graduates, of course, upset, admitted in an interview with the parents. Some schools still dared to hold a celebration in the open air: the children danced the waltz, and said a few kind words to the teachers. In some schools, parents were told that their children have decided to postpone the celebration for next summer: what is not a reason to meet? There were those graduates who had a holiday for yourself, take the whole class on the barbecue. Some celebrated the farewell to the school via video conferencing ZOOM. However, online-the holiday is really felt, because in social networks the students did not skimp on gratitude: with the beginning of the summer holidays at the initiative of the Ministry of education launched the all-Belarusian action “Dzyak, nastan, dzyak, school!” (“Thank you master, thank you, school!”). To Express words of appreciation, high school students published in Instagram and YouTube peace photos and videos with wishes to the beloved teachers and celebrated the publication of relevant hashtags.

at the graduation At the universities tradition was observed: the event was the Republican ball of graduates with participation of the President, which invited more than 220 of the most active boys and girls from all regions. In the Belarusian state University, the celebration was held at the Lyceum, where he awarded the winners of the title “Best graduate of BSU”, and also called the 20 graduates who have become “Stars of BSU”, and 12 “Student leaders of the BSU”. The triumph of boys and girls came in academic robes and hats. A ball of graduates of Belarusian national technical University was held at the Minsk sea in the sanatorium “Polytechnic”.