As the President noted, “in this heartfelt generosity and responsiveness, readiness to meet the challenges the world has always been the strength of our people. Together with doctors, nurses, employees, major industries, life support systems, with all who were in his post, you have done a lot to make the threat has receded. This consolidation of companies, the consolidation of power in one fist is the main deciding factor in the fight against a dangerous infection. In the period of the epidemic, the words “we are together” is certainly a symbol of hope for our society, for the whole country. People knew and felt that they are not alone, that they will not leave in the lurch, no matter where they lived in large or small cities, rural or remote areas.”

Volunteers SUEK inspiration took words of gratitude from the head of state. Specialist in social work of the mine office “Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya” SUEK-Kuzbass Anastasia Kudinova says: “We became volunteers at the call of the soul and are proud to help people. But it’s always nice when your work is noticed and noted”.

the Action of mutual aid #Myvote aims to support elderly, disabled people and medical personnel during a pandemic. The company Andrey Melnichenko not only is the official partner of the project, but also strongly supports the work of volunteers in all regions of presence in Siberia and the far East.

the Youth of SUEK enterprises have joined the campaign of the popular front since its launch. For the three most difficult months made a tremendous lot. All conducted targeted impossible to list, but here are some of them: #Spaceborn; transmission of personal protective equipment for ambulance crews, pensioners, families with many children; #Our people; “Bake me a cake and say thank you”; for those who are in the “red zone”; the regional headquarters stock #Myvote; “Vitamins for immune system”; “the Generation of victors”; online Babysitting; online teacher; master class online; informational support; help in the home pensioners; helping social workers; volunteers and donors; computers for students; photo exhibition “Heroes of our time” and many others. For each of these actions – participation, labour, power and soul of their members are responsive, caring and concerned people.

Volunteers SUEK has given to pensioners, large families, doctors thousands of food packages, fruit and vitamin baskets has provided physicians with hundreds of Lunches. The needy donate office supplies, creativity kits and educational games for children from large families. And volunteers are not going to stop there.

that said Queen Anne, leading engineer of mining operations at the mine “��Berezovsky” SUEK-Krasnoyarsk: “I’d like to do good deeds, to help people, especially if you have the opportunity and time. We provide targeted assistance to veterans, people over 65 and families with many children. Recently had a family in which nine children. Nine, just imagine how the mother hard!”

Knowing how important and moral support, volunteers SUEK, children of coal miners in the framework of the campaign #spaceborn to write a sincere letter of gratitude to the physicians, publish essays on the work of local doctors in social networks. The country must know its heroes! That is why in the clinic of the city of Nazarovo in the Krasnoyarsk territory, the volunteers were even opened a photo exhibition showing the everyday life of physicians offices of nazarovskiy all hospitals in these difficult months. In the pictures there are heroes essays prepared by the guys from labor groups SUEK. Teenagers for two months, wrote stories about doctors saving lives and health of patients during a pandemic.

it is Very significant that all this is not one – time events and ongoing support. Deputy Chairman of Krasnoyarsk region government Alexei Podkorytov, who for many years was the chief of the regional hospital for invalids of the Patriotic war, emphasizes the importance of the systematic assistance provided by SUEK. According to him, this is especially important for people who are on the frontline of fighting infections, come to patients with COVID-19 first, at any time of the day.

“Thank you coal miners – they were the first who responded and came to the aid of physicians in this difficult situation in the country”, – confirmed by the chief doctor of the city hospital of Sharypovskiy Peter Nikitin.

don’t forget young activists about the importance of raising awareness about measures to prevent infection: they produce and publish on social networks, videos, online user behavior during a pandemic coronavirus.

Volunteers SUEK implemented and online volunteering. Young professionals and members of the labor detachments took on the role of online nannies: for kids from large families, orphanages and kindergartens duty, they recorded videoskate. For children of school age – have become online Tutors. Volunteers helped Junior high students with their homework.

in addition to classes with younger students, youth SUEK offered their assistance in advising high school students on preparation for the exam. The company launched a hotline on the issues of organization of the technical learning process. Volunteers help to diversify the leisure of their peers and through creative workshops online.

Deputy General Director of JSC “SUEK-Krasnoyarsk” Marina Smirnova says: “Volunteers SUEK never stayed away from an important for their cities and across the country events, the more the activists and coal miners n�� can do nothing today, when at risk the health and lives of their countrymen.”

the Activities of the volunteers SUEK was so prominent and useful that the young volunteers have received more than 400 to the reviews and from simple inhabitants of the regions, and from municipal leaders and from heads of regions. The responsiveness and willingness of volunteers to come to the rescue finds a sincere response.

the Governor Alexander USS reflects on the tradition: “we at one time were “volunteers”, and these old forgotten form, we have to renew. We must all strive to make a contribution to overcoming this challenging situation.”

the Chairman of the Council on guardianship in the social sphere of Kuzbass Anna civileva celebrates the mass movement: “We are pleased that the action “We are together” connected, more caring people, new forms of work and support. Volunteers help those in need, bring joy and good mood. We see that they are doing it sincerely, with an open heart and love for people.”

“We’re just doing a good deed, – says Arina Burdakova, teacher training Center and development of employees of JSC “SUEK-Kuzbass”. – Seniors do need help the younger generation to stop at the pharmacy to deliver the products. And in the period of the pandemic, when every exit to the store, to the pharmacy can be associated with the risk of Contracting such help are doubly important. Of course, tired addresses many, in different parts of the city. But when you hear sincere words of gratitude from the people – power increase.”

Help and support – it’s a character trait of strong people. Affairs have a lot of volunteers. In mining towns and villages, the volunteers SUEK in conditions of isolation joined shares in honor of the celebration of Victory Day and the Victory day Parade, Russia Day, observed together with the whole country in memory of the fallen in Day of Memory and Grief. Together with colleagues and veterans of the coal industry, they planted a “Victory Garden”. In a festive day on the phone congratulated the veterans, they had organized a personal Victory Parades under the Windows of their homes.

On the quality, creativity and activity volunteers SUEK evidenced by the fact that the Krasnoyarsk region, for example, the results of actions timed to coincide with memorable dates, took first place in the Siberian Federal district and third place in Russia.

Concluding the meeting with members of the movement #Myvote Vladimir Putin said: “Always, in all circumstances, in all situations we must remain human beings, to help each other, to give encouragement. The only way we will cope with any difficulties, we shall overcome, solve the tasks. We’ll make it, because we’re together.” And volunteers SUEK – excellent example of this reciprocity.