This position of the Americans is not new. States at the peak of the pandemic stopped paying contributions to the world health organization, accusing the who of all mortal. Now Office at the White house asked the U.S. Congress with the same proposal for and WADA. The real reason: any international structure not complying with the requirements of the American side, immediately loses its support. So, it would seem that WADA, which is always eager to please, seeks to come to the aid of the American athletes caught doping should receive the favor of one of their biggest “donors”. However, not pleased not even. The Americans accused the Agency that States are poorly represented in its governing bodies.

the Bureau at the White house set a new requirement. The country’s representative in the supervision of WADA should be proportionate to the contribution made by each state to the cashier. But it is arrogance – and in International sports organizations unprecedented. Indeed, in this case, the country or the person it represents, can simply buy space in the guide. It was too much for even vada with her new obedient President of the Polish Witold Bathhouse.

Here you do not want to show excessive sympathy and to WADA, the organization is very conservative, ossified in their long-drawn and possibly older foundations. But the Americans surpassed themselves in the requirements and claims. WADA hopefully, may change. But its once-generous sponsors – has never.