According to the volunteers, the vaccine for the coronavirus is similar to conventional injection, “if vitamins are injected”. Side effects after it appeared — no headache, no loss of appetite, pressure in norm, they said.

Volunteers who received the vaccine for coronavirus, feel good, no complications or adverse reactions, writes the newspaper “Red star”.

About her as told by the volunteers. “I got the vaccine, I didn’t even feel like a normal injection in your arm. No symptoms: no fever, is 36.6. Even the head does not hurt. Said, appetite will not eat even more than before. At the injection site was only a point, no pain,” said one of them, Sergey.

the Other study participant, Nicholas, also noted that after vaccination, no change is felt. “It was expected that the pressure rises the temperature, but nothing like this. We were warned that some symptoms can appear. But nothing happened,” he said.

According to the third volunteer, Yuri, temperature after a vaccination has not changed and ranges from 36.6 to 36.7 per. “There is no itching, no redness, inflammation at the injection site. Like vitamins injected. The vaccine did not affect the body, neither externally nor internally,” — said a man.

Trials of a vaccine against coronavirus, conducted by the defense Ministry together with the National research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology them. N. F. Gamalei, is the Main military clinical hospital im. Burdenko in Moscow. First volunteers the drug was introduced on June 18, a week later received vaccine another 20 people.

Clinical studies of the drug from the coronavirus in addition to the hospital. Burdenko go in Sechenovskiy the University, but they used different kinds of medicine. So, in a military hospital used liquid vaccine, and the University — in the form of powder, which is diluted already in place. Both drugs were administered intramuscularly to volunteers.

the participants of the tests after having the vaccine will spend in the hospital 28 days. Research is planned to finish till the end of July.