MOSCOW, June 26. /TASS/ — according to Alexander Rumyantsev, in these patients the infection occurs as an acute respiratory.

Patients with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, are easier to tolerate coronavirus infection. This was told in an interview with TASS the President of the National medical research center of pediatric Hematology, Oncology and immunology. Dmitry Rogachev, chief freelance children’s specialist oncologist-hematologist Ministry of health of Russia Alexander Rumyantsev.

“the oncological Patients receiving chemotherapy are suppressive, inhibiting function. They have not developed cytokine storm [potentially lethal and uncontrolled reaction of the immune system, causing destruction of tissues of the inflammation spread to the whole body], so they have no ultimate stage of development of coronavirus infection. They have this infection occurs as an acute respiratory with all the ensuing consequences,” — said Rumyantsev.

He explained that in children with cancer is such an overwhelming feature is developed even more, so they do not develop “violent manifestations” of infection.

“we [the center of them. Rogacheva] during the epidemic there were several patients who were infected with coronavirus, and infected with [from] the parents, members of the family. None of the children died, none of the children was in a fatal, serious condition”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Rumyantsev said that the center managed to avoid the spread of infection due to security measures, organized during their hospitalization. The reception of children of all 85 regions of the country did not stop.

According to the source, the most common complication in people receiving cellular immunotherapy is a cytokine storm, but experts have learned to control it. “So naturally we were ready to have an impact on our patients, we from the first day used inhibitors of interleukin-6, inflammatory cytokine, which is, among others, the main link of formation of the cytokine storm. We also used the plasma of patients who recover from coronavirus as immunotherapy severe cases,” he said.