the Mode of isolation and strict observance of safety rules does not imply thoughtful conversations, but even a very short meeting touched to tears. And some made in working order photos of veterans suddenly became real masterpieces. When volunteers shared in chat rooms, pictures of war veterans, which they had to congratulate, the idea is to print the photos and give them to the soldiers. As the memory of the strange, homey, but still very meaningful celebration of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. As elderly people are advised to continue to avoid outside contact, the volunteers send the pictures by mail or just dropped in mailboxes.

Already the end of may. Plucked and ready for printing photographs of veterans, remember, remember all of them, says volunteer Natalia Melnikova. – That’s Tamara Y., born in 1924, this is our first trip on the job, on the eve of the holiday. The district got a remote – Metallostroy… Navigator “crazy looking”, but somehow finds the car rattles loudly, Bouncing on rugged widespread repairs to roads, assistant grumbles… cool With me, the assistant – my husband, not past the age limit on share #Myvesta, volunteer volunteer, volunteer squared! I he voiced the thought, and he smiles.

I Stop in the yard at Railway, 23, and suddenly see a monument to our new modern heroes – graffiti “Military”. The link of times, a Sign that we are on track and are doing everything right! Inspired, we start our work. Not yet realizing how it is difficult. Yes, we were lucky and we found everyone! And addresses match, and the intercom was open, and the neighbors helped, and all was home.

We have brought a little joy to people – a red carnation and a set of Goodies. Are these heroic grandma and grandpa are so different and youthful, cheerful, and blind, deaf, bedridden, I was happy in this moment and equally enjoyed as children! And we cried and laughed together with them. Someone was trying to hug someone – my hands in rubber gloves to kiss. Blessed us, and we them… And especially happy was just communicating, telling, asked, sorry very much that you can’t be invited into the house, to sit over tea.

Approximately to the fifteenth address, we suddenly felt an incredible fatigue, burnout and the fear that the congratulations will take place on the machine.

We did, of course. Congratulated veterans of the fifty-three days. Here they are all here with me. Now I will print photos and send them to the addresses of letters – well, we, for reporting purposes only, whether that took the pictures! Imagine how they will get letters and will again smile and rejoice. And a little cry.

a single reference line for issues related to the coronavirus, in St. Petersburg: 122.

to Leave the application to receive volunteer help by phone 8-800-200-34-11, and with the help of mobile applications “onf.Help.”

the Information service system of social protection of population of St. Petersburg: (812) 241-20-57.

hotline city volunteers in St. Petersburg: (812) 245-32-20.