the Russian actor, singer and bodybuilder Sergey Glushko, known as Tarzan, replied to the criticism it suffered after the network parted attributed to him, complaints of lack of money. The corresponding video he posted on his Instagram account.

According to Glushko, he didn’t say that he envied the seniors and doctors that receive additional payments from the state, and all the quotes that appeared in the media referring to him, was invented by the journalist who was interviewing him.

“a Journalist asked me questions and disappeared with a smile, and then there was this nonsense that now all exaggerate, and my poor head all your righteous anger. I don’t know what to say. This is a fake”, — said the artist.

He also expressed confidence that the employee media began to spread false information will be rewarded, because the “karma has not been canceled”. “If you have over these two days, the lightning never raskoryachishsya, I apologize for the expression, very well,” said Glushko.

Earlier in mass media appeared information about the fact that Tarzan complained about the lack of money during the period of self-isolation of coronavirus. It was noted that the artist wondered why the Russian authorities do not help artists, giving preference to seniors and doctors. “In contrast to grandparents who sit at home and received a pension, and receive, the actors do not have a dime. Moreover, we will the last person connected to life, because it is a mass gathering of people”, — cited allegedly uttered the words.

After that, Glushko and his wife, singer Natasha Koroleva began to offer a job in a taxi, and producer Joseph Prigogine said that the artists were in a terrible situation due to the coronavirus.