Volodin urged to provide doctors with masks

He addressed an appeal to the operational headquarters for the prevention of introduction and spread of coronavirus infection, reported the press service of the state Duma.

Those who work in clinics, makes house calls, meets with patients must be protected, – said Volodin. – No sufficient number of masks, no sufficient number of other protective equipment.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS the day in Russia confirmed 1154 case COVID-19 in 43 regions

it is Important to do everything in order to “doctors feel supported and do not become infected while carrying out their medical duty,” said the MP.

He cited data that the shortage of medical masks, clothing and other protective equipment is observed in many clinics around the country.

the Head of the lower house have also proposed to include deputies in the regional overstay to combat coronavirus. Mikhail Mishustin supported the initiative, said the adviser of the speaker of Anastasia Kashevarova.