VSS: 25% of calls to health insurers associated with coronavirus

“Citizens call on “hot lines” of insurance companies to obtain relevant information about innovations and rules of conduct in the difficult epidemiological situation” – said Vice-President of the Russian Union of insurers Dmitry Kuznetsov.

Photo: iStock Infection COVID-2019 is now possible to insure

According to medical insurers in March to 25% (depending on region) of the calls were related to the coronavirus. They are almost not there in the beginning of the month, mid-March-a number of similar complaints began to grow, stabilized by the beginning of April about the same level.

the Analysis shows that the insured is concerned with five major themes. In the first place – getting sick-list: how to do it from other cities as to the hospital, not visiting the clinic, how to get a sick women, whose children cannot attend kindergartens.

second place – issues related to citizens ‘ concern about the possibility of obtaining routine medical care. Special anxiety it causes in people suffering from chronic diseases that are under medical supervision or receiving treatment for cancer.

In third place – the questions regarding getting medical insurance. Citizens are concerned about the ability to remain without guarantees medical assistance in the conditions of self-isolation.

the Fourth and fifth themes are already directly connected with COVID-19: where and how to obtain protective equipment (masks, sanitizers, gloves), and where and under what conditions to test for the presence of coronavirus in the body.